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Professional air-conditioning disinfection

Completely non-hazardous
and highly effective

With AirClean, Herth+Buss is able to offer a highly effective alternative method
of vehicle disinfection which is completely non-hazardous to people and the environment,
operates on a purely mineral basis and is currently the only system of its kind.
The most significant advantages and characteristics of AirClean can be found in the following overview:


No toxic substances or aggressive chemicals. The agent is perfectly non-hazardous for people, health and the environment


Highly effective and reliably
eliminates germs, fungi, viruses
and bacteria


The time required is
five minutes


100% biodegradable


Highly flexible. Various surfaces can be treated
more gently or intensively
as required


Absolutely no
maintenance required


Offers protection and hygiene for
allergy sufferers by purging the air
conditioning of pollen and spores


Low material costs


There are many good reasons to perform a thorough vehicle disinfection. The elimination of germs, odours, fungi and spores in a vehicle is mainly advisable in the following situations/for the following reasons:

  • After buying a used car
  • Before selling a vehicle
  • Highly effective and reliably eliminates germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria
  • Purging the air conditioning of pollen
  • As a measure to protect against mould
  • In fleet management (e.g. when changing drivers)

AirClean – For successful vehicle disinfection

With AirClean, we are expanding our portfolio of products for air-conditioning maintenance. In addition to leak location, AirClean allows us to offer the option of disinfecting the vehicle and its air-conditioning system without a great deal of effort and without harming the environment. AirClean is suitable for all vehicle types, whether passenger cars, vans, HGVs, motor homes, and so on. The AirClean spray gun is available with a fill quantity of up to either 1 litre or 5 litres.

AnoKath – Purely mineral-based

AnoKath is a powerful oxidising agent made from water and sodium chloride. The agent is used to disinfect vehicle air-conditioning systems or the vehicles themselves with the help of the special AirClean cold nebulisers. It reliably reduces germs, viruses and bacteria. The disinfection process using AnoKath is based on minerals.

FAQ – Questions and answers

How long can the disinfectant be kept for?

When unopened and when adhering to the prescribed storage conditions, the product can be kept for a maximum of 12 months. Refer to the information on the label. When opened and when adhering to the prescribed storage conditions, the product can be kept for a maximum of 6 months.

Can any type of compressor be used?

Yes, in principle. However, it is recommended to use an oil-free compressor. When using conventional compressors with lubrication, a reliable oil trap and filter must be used. The following must be guaranteed:

  • Clean compressed air with no rust residues, condensate or oil content. Even the smallest quantities of oil, rust or other impurities may impair the effectiveness of the disinfectant.
  • Effective supply quantity >100 l/min
  • Set pressure 3 bar
  • The compressor must be adequately able to operate continuously.
Where should vehicle disinfection be carried out?

Disinfection should be carried out in well-ventilated internal areas or outside (not in the rain) at an ambient temperature of 20-25 °C. Direct sunlight and an internal vehicle temperature of over 25 °C are to be avoided.

What must I pay attention to when disinfecting the air conditioning or the vehicle?

The vehicle’s passenger-compartment air filter should be removed prior to disinfection and be replaced by a new one after disinfection has been carried out. The mist should also be fed directly into the air intake ducts in order to ensure adequate distribution of the medium throughout the air-conditioning system. The vehicle manufacturer’s instructions must be observed. In general, the vehicle must always be thoroughly cleaned before disinfection.

How much air-conditioning cleaner is required for each application and each type of vehicle?

The consumption rates for air-conditioning cleaner are approximately as follows:

  • Small car: application time 5 minutes; consumption 70 ml
  • Mid-range car: application time 10 minutes; consumption 100 ml
  • Van/SUV/minibus: application time 12 minutes; consumption 120 ml

Step-by-step instructions for vehicle disinfection


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