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Education + Careers

Final exam to become a media specialist – The final hurdl

It has now been over a year since I passed my intermediate exam as part of my advanced further training to become a media specialist. This meant that I had the basic qualifications. But I still had to overcome the final hurdle that stood between me and completing my...

Information security at Herth+Buss

Mobile banking, smartphones, Cloud – digitalisation and the technological transformation have introduced a number of new, exciting developments into our everyday life that influence our life in many different ways. Information and data are important assets that have...

Girls Day 2019 – fun and exciting every time

Herth+Buss Fahrzeugteile, they only have jobs for men, don’t they? Wrong! On this year’s Girls Day two youngsters saw for themselves just how varied the range of roles can be in a supposedly male sector. Driving a forklift truck, warehousing pallets or...

From temporary worker to team leader – My way at Herth+Buss

When I started temping at Herth+Buss in their warehouse in 2012, I could never have predicted where this journey would take me. At the beginning, all I could see was red It all began with stage one: storage in the warehouse. I can still vividly remember the moment...

Dual course of study with Herth+Buss – behind the scenes at the BA

So you’ve passed your exams, but what now? This is the million dollar question that thousands of school leavers ask themselves each year. I, too, once had to decide in which direction I wanted my life to go. Because I’d already struggled at school with studying for...

School pupils get a taste of working life on a visit to Herth+Buss

Graduation around the corner and no plans for the future. Many of us surely share this memory from our last days at school. School pupils from the Adolf-Reichwein-Schule are now also faced with this momentous decision. And Herth+Buss is there to help! We granted the...

Business Information Systems – My degree with Herth+Buss

This particular course hasn’t been around for that long and as a result you’re often asked what Business Information Systems actually is. As the name implies, it’s a combination of Business Management and Information Technology. You’re also...

Parts & Service World – My first deployment after basic training

Today, I’m reporting back on my first trade fair! Parts & Service World, the trade fair for agricultural and garden technology, took place in Kassel from 13-14 October. At the event, everything revolved around agricultural and garden machinery: visitors were even...

Training for emergencies – High ropes garden in the warehouse

A 2-day training course for a forklift, really? That’s right! After all, the new high-bay forklifts can pick orders at heights of up to 14 metres. In order to practice for an emergency malfunction, a special in-house training session was held last week. For some time...

My time supporting the Human Resources Department

How do personnel managers deal with conflicts? What distinguishes a promising job-application from less successful counterparts – what does a personnel officer’s keen eye look out for? How does the Human Resources-Department contribute to a positive work environment?...

Apprentices trip 2018 – a leap into the unknown

It’s Friday morning. The time is 6:30 a.m. That’s usually when the alarm clock goes… …but not today! This time, ten new and eight experienced apprentices and students on cooperative courses, plus three lucky colleagues from the HR department, did not have...

Mission accomplished! Training as a Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant

I’ve finally got the certificate in the bag. But how did it all start? What twists and turns did the apprenticeship take? What’s in store for me now? The first rung on the career ladder I’ve always been interested in cars and automotive engineering, so I knew that I...