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5 things I can’t do without – SelectH2

Over 85 percent of cars registered in Germany now have an air conditioning system. This is pushing up the number of faults, and workshops are having to adjust to this. The conventional time-consuming process of locating leaks using a contrast agent and UV light is far...

Presenting the new Workshop Field Service van!

The first of a total of four vans has arrived! It’s already wearing its snazzy summer treads (size 18”) and can already be seen hitting the road in Germany. On its maiden voyage to the trade fair, it was accompanied by its new daddy, P.T.! Once in Stuttgart, we could...

TestCenter – Testing of units

The TestCenter has been a fixture in the quality assurance process at Herth+Buss for many years. And it’s not only Complaints Management that regularly takes advantage of the team’s expertise, but also our Product Management department. We’ve been...

All new in May – A new exhibition stand for Herth+Buss

As soon as Automechanika ends, it all starts up again with the in-house trade fairs. Most people are familiar with our old exhibition stand – clean, white, neutral. After almost 10 years of service, it was time to trade it in for a new look. Our mission – What goals...

Autofix Show on Cyprus

I’d now like to tell you about my first in-house trade fair outside Germany. It took place on Cyprus. Every two years our customer Kapodistrias organises an in-house trade fair and invites all suppliers to attend with their own stand. This allows visitors and...

Car check – All set for spring

Car check – All set for spring Although our car is mostly driven by my wife, the spring check is a fixture in my diary. I then roll up my sleeves and make sure our car is all set for spring. And even if it’s a demanding job, I always enjoy doing it – a car...

The new WAD buses have arrived!

All good things come to an end…and well-deservedly so! After a period of over five years it was about time to replace our trusty WAD buses, known to all. At the end of a long delivery period we took receipt of the first two brand-new Volkswagen T6 Transporter...

We want to be closer to workshops! – Our Workshop Advisory Board

On Friday 14 September 2018, the Herth+Buss Workshop Advisory Board convened for the first time at our company headquarters in Heusenstamm. The aim of this long-term project is to help us better understand workshops’ needs. But also to identify problems and develop...

The perfect visit to the drive-in cinema

What started in the 1930s in the USA really began to pick up speed in the 50s. Of course, we’re talking about the epitome of cult, retro entertainment: the drive-in cinema. Although they were frowned upon by buttoned-up American parents at the time, the “ozoners” were...

Multi-purpose adhesive tape – A life-saver for summer holidays

Whether by the mountains, a lake or the sea – the holidays are the best time of the year! That’s one thing we can all agree on, even if we do love our jobs really. But what does adhesive tape have to do with anything? Many of us are already dreaming of cooling off and...

Heil & Sohn Festival 2018 – Our World Cup campaign

What looks like a popular music festival is in actual fact the Heil & Sohn trade fair in Hanover. The mood was chilled, and our World Cup campaign proved to be a hit. Visitors to our trade fair stand were enthusiastic and we had a lot of fun together!   A festival...

Automechanika 2018 – We have a gleaming new look!

It’s hard to believe, but Herth+Buss has been there since the very beginning! To be exact, it was 47 years ago that the first Automechanika opened its doors back in 1971, and we were also in attendance with our very own stand. So it’s unthinkable to have the...