Cooperative Education – Practical phase at Herth+Buss

24. Apr 2017 | Education + Careers

A few times a year, we attend various events held by the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education. Application days, "doors open" days or even "speed-dating" afternoons for applicants are among the events that take place there. Speed dating in a university – is that really appropriate?

Yes! Those interested in studying on one of the programmes each have around ten minutes to chat to the HR representatives of the partner companies. Once time is up, it's on to the next company. This gives us the opportunity to get to know as many prospective students as possible in a relatively short time. Later on, this represents a great advantage for us when we have to process the incoming applications, as we will already have gained a first impression of the applicants. And we are always looking for the right bachelor's students who we think would be a good fit for our company!

The Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education

We've been cooperating with the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education in Rödermark for over ten years now. We're very happy with how it's gone so far. At our company, prospective students have the option of studying on a cooperative Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration with a major in Commerce. Since 2011, there has also been the option of taking a cooperative Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Business and Foreign Trade. The course has an international focus and covers topics related to international commerce and international business administration. Various foreign languages are offered as supplementary subjects. What's more, the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education also offers a Bachelor of Science (BSc) course in Business Informatics. Since August 2016, we've been training our first BA student on this course within the company. You can find further information about the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education here.

What is the course of study like at Herth+Buss?

Students switch between the university and a practical phase within the company in cycles of two to three months. We plan the three-year degree before the course even starts. That means that students are posted to every area of the company during the practical phase. Students work with us in day-to-day operations. They also learn about the practical aspects of Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics, Finance and Accounting "on the job". Alongside day-to-day work, students also collaborate in several projects. This may vary from one department to another.

On the course "International Business and Foreign Trade", there is also the option of spending a theoretical phase abroad. When possible, our students also travel to one of our foreign subsidiaries in France, Belgium or the UK during their practical phase. The three years really fly by thanks to the alternating phases of study and the postings to different departments within our company.

What can students expect from their course apart from this?

Every two years, we visit the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt with our students and trainees. As the largest specialist trade fair in the world for the automotive sector with an emphasis on the aftermarket, this event is extremely important for us. We are also represented there with our own stand. It is not only frequented by our customers and suppliers, but also by our trainees and students. In addition, we take trainees on an excursion at the start of a new intake year in order to boost team spirit among the group and also make it easier for the "newbies" to settle in. Who knows, maybe we'll see each other at the start of the new intake as well?

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