Girls Day 2017 at Herth+Buss

28. Apr 2017 | Education + Careers

This year, two girls once again had the chance to take a peek behind the scenes at the technical side of Herth+Buss on "Girls Day". I saw two shy faces looking back at me when I picked Romina and Julia up from reception at 9 am this morning. "What have we let ourselves in for?" was clearly chiselled into their expressions.

Company tour

We went together to my workplace in Complaints Management. There, they were able to drop their things off just before we started with a brief tour of the company. I kicked things off with the two of them in Incoming Goods and Outgoing Goods. After a quick explanation of what actually goes on there, we continued to the high-bay warehouse. Julia and Romina were visibly amazed as they saw the twelve-metre-tall shelves and huge forklift. After this, we went one level higher to the Sales floor. At this juncture, I explained to the two girls which offices are responsible for which tasks.

After a quick peek at the commercial departments, we came full circle to Technical Services once again. While one of the girls stayed by my side, the second got to go to the Test Centre. After lunch, they switched places again.

Girls Day 2017 – a sneak peek at day-to-day work!

In the Test Centre, our guys Günther and Richter showed the girls how the units (= starters and alternators) are tested on dynamometers. These were then completely disassembled, after which the mechanical and electrical aspects of the individual components were tested. The fundamentals and guidelines were also explained, not to mention how warranty claims are processed. The girls also learned about complaints handling in greater depth.

What's more, Julia and Romina helped me go through the incoming mail. First, we scanned the parcels and then unpacked the contents. After comparing the contents with the delivery slips, the contents themselves were also scanned. Depending on the scenario in question (returned new parts, returned used parts or warranty claims), we created a job for the two girls on the computer and posted these in the system.

And what's next?

Towards the end of their stay, I had both of our visitors fill out a short questionnaire. As Romina's uncle works in the management at Herth+Buss, it was an obvious choice for the pair to spend their Girls Day here. When asked their opinions about technical careers, both answered that they had found the experience interesting and exciting, but couldn't imagine having a career like that later on themselves. Both were impressed by the warehouse and the system that makes it all possible. However, our colleagues also left a good impression.

Julia and Romina don't yet know what they want to do later on, but they still have a fair few years to decide! They will both have another chance to sample a new career at next year's Girls Day. However, we at Herth+Buss are already looking forward to welcoming new visitors on Girls Day in 2018.

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