Graduating from University

15. Nov 2017 | Education + Careers

A look behind the scenes of our new departments after graduating

We’ve finally done it! Since October 2017, the three of us have completed our cooperative degrees at Herth+Buss and been awarded our Bachelor’s diplomas. “We” are Laura and Alex (International Business Administration & Foreign Trade), and Marvin (Business Administration – Commerce & Services).
We’d like to give you a quick glimpse of our duties now that we’re finished with our studies. In the process, you’ll experience our new daily routines and be guided through our remits.


Since graduating, I’ve been officially deployed in my new position as an Information Security officer (ISO) and Emergency Representative. As an ISO, it is my duty to deal with all issues related to information security. On the one hand, this means that I’m responsible for IT-related matters such as preventing data from being leaked/passed on to unintended recipients. On the other hand, my remit also includes issues such as perimeter protection, which is not related to IT.

One job, many tasks!

You’re probably puzzling over what perimeter protection involves. It’s about protecting the company’s buildings and premises against unauthorised access, and also means ensuring the security of infrastructure such as the server rooms, data centres and so forth. In other words, this is a more important role than people may realise. My second role as an Emergency Representative makes it my task to prepare our company as effectively as possible for emergencies such as fire, theft, power failure or similar. This is crucial because it enables us to react in the appropriate manner when such situations come up. It’s a lot of responsibility! I feel very happy with my new position as a result of the varied tasks assigned to me.

graduating Herth+Buss departments responsibility

Marvin works closely with our colleague Mr. Ullrich (Quality and Test Equipment Officer, Fire Protection and Occupational Safety Representative)


In my current role as a Junior Product Manager in Jakoparts Product Management, I take care of anything and everything to do with brakes. High-quality materials are especially important to me for our range of brake products. These ensure high reliability of the brake disc, brake pad and other parts. After all, as safety-critical assemblies, brakes are among the most important components in any motor vehicle. At the same time, there are few other automotive components that are subject to such high levels of wear. Even in an age of heavy SUVs and powerful, compact sports cars, the requirements for powerful and reliable brake components are only continuing to increase.

Quality management – A vital part of my work!

High-quality materials and outstanding workmanship are indispensable for all components in the brake system.
With this in mind, my tasks after graduating also include selecting and managing suitable suppliers so as to maintain our high quality standards. One other important part of my remit is to develop so-called “first-to-market” products. These are brake pads and discs of vehicles which have just rolled off the production line. We promise to add the relevant parts to our product range as soon as the associated vehicles are launched. Things are never dull around here, as you can tell!

graduating Herth+Buss departments responsibility

Quality test in the warehouse – Alexander, Junior Product Manager for Jakopart


Jakoparts Product Management covers a wide range of wearing parts for Asian vehicles. As the coordinator for inter-departmental matters, my new remit in Jakoparts Product Management mostly consists of maintaining an overview of all processes and tasks. This is important for ensuring that they can proceed in a harmonious and orderly manner. That might not sound particularly interesting at first – but it is!

Monitoring and coordinating – The “be all and end all” in my job!

Tasks such as implementing campaigns on product safety law fall within my remit, which also includes monitoring the inventory management system and adapting departmental processes to new requirements. What’s more, I also work out where there is potential for optimisation. One or two of you may be thinking that this sounds like a piece of cake. All I can tell you is that it can be very varied, with constantly shifting requirements. It’s a new task, and one that also challenges me!

graduating Herth+Buss departments responsibility

She keeps everything under control with a smile on her face – Laura, Coordinator in Jakoparts Product Management

Undertaking the cooperative degree at Herth+Buss was the right decision. We’re looking forward to facing more exciting challenges in our new departments after graduating. Take a look at this page if you’re interested in studying for a cooperative degree at our company!