Graduation at the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education

21. Nov 2016 | Education + Careers

The “night of the bachelors” – one of the most special moments of our lives!
Wait is finally over

The “night of the bachelors”. This was the tag line for this year’s graduation ceremony, which took place on 18th November 2016. All graduands are from the courses “Economics”, “International Economics” and “Business Informatics” at the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education. This was a big day for me and my fellow students Anja Leichner and Stefan Weber. We’d lost a lot of sleep waiting for this day. Not to mention for the moment we’d get to throw our mortar boards into the air and finally be able to call ourselves “bachelors”.

The “Kulturhalle Rödermark” was hired for this year’s ceremony and lavishly decorated for the occasion. Even upon entering the hall, it was obvious that the big graduation ceremony evening was taking place there that day. We and our families were welcomed in friendly and relaxed fashion with a glass of fizz by our Course Coordinator. Gradually, the room filled up and the planned programme for the evening could begin…

The evening programme

Once we took our beautifully decorated seats, the programme of events was kicked off by Mr Albrecht, the Director of the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education. After a brief speech, all guests were shown a short film with images from all graduands’ time at the university. They were taken during the Summer Festival, Welcome Days or Freshers’ Week. One or two embarrassing photos of certain individuals also made it to the rogues’ gallery. That only added to the already jubilant atmosphere.

This was followed by a few more speeches, including those made by the Mayor and District Commissioner. An alumna provided musical accompaniment for the evening. It’s her passion to make occasions such as our graduation that day even more special with her beautiful voice. After several speeches, the musical interlude and a few additional items on the programme. It gradually dawned on us that the big moment was almost nigh…

The level of nervousness throughout the room was palpable. So too was the anticipation of the moment when we would be handed our diplomas. Slowly but surely, all graduands donned their robes and mortar boards before assembling in the specified order in front of the stage. One by one, they were all called onto the stage by name to finally grasp their long-awaited diplomas with both hands, accompanied by their guests’ euphoric applause.
They were now able to hold what they had worked towards for three years and completed by submitting – and passing – their final dissertation. Truly a special moment!

Finally, all of the graduands gathered on the stage for a group photo – and also to throw their mortar boards into the air in unison in front of a hailstorm of flashing cameras. We then all took our individual photos and enjoyed a relaxed evening meal together. The Rhein-Main University had laid on a lavish buffet for the occasion with all manner of culinary delights for every guest in attendance. An amateur DJ (who is also a student of the university) rounded proceedings off in suitable fashion in addition to the wonderful dinner by providing a musical accompaniment until things wound down.

A wonderful and successful evening came to a close after many unforgettable moments.

Graduation ceremony at the Rhein-Main University


Graduation ceremony at the Rhein-Main University


Graduation ceremony at the Rhein-Main University