Internal transfer at Herth+Buss – Malte talks about his career with a difference

15. Mar 2018 | Education + Careers

School leavers are expected to answer the same question year after year: “So, what do you want to do when you leave school?”. Admittedly, it’s not an easy one to answer, although I knew one thing for certain. I wanted to work in the automotive industry! My career path started with a successfully completed apprenticeship as an automotive mechatronics engineer at Daimler. At this point of my young career I had never thought about an internal transfer at all. Before this apprenticeship, I was already sure that I wanted to continue studying and developing my skills. It was just very important for me to undertake a practical apprenticeship before starting my degree. Nonetheless, I wanted to stay loyal to the automotive industry. This is why I opted to switch to a cooperative degree course in Business Administration at Herth+Buss.[widget_block_right id=”SM”]

After graduating, I started work as a member of the Sales Office team at Herth+Buss. Among other things, my tasks included order acceptance, order processing and order confirmation in day-to-day operations at the company. Apart from these duties, I was responsible for advising customers and maintaining relationships, monitoring markets, visiting trade fairs and accompanying the Field Service on visits to customers.

Internal transfer – Anything is possible!

After almost two years in Sales, I decided to apply for the internally advertised role as Quality Representative and Assistant to the Executive Management. This was the best thing that could possibly have happened to my career development. After all, Quality Representatives learn pretty much all that there is to know about the company. They’re responsible for the entire process management framework at the company. They quickly get an insight into every single process. In addition, close cooperation as a staff unit and an assistant to the Executive Management made me responsible for various strategic projects.

Among other things, these included risk analyses for our product groups with regard to product safety, organising the annual strategy meeting and even implementing and providing training for the EFQM model among our senior managers. I was also responsible for adhering to these regulations for the company, conducting internal audits and assisting with external audits.

Any further training options I required were made available to me at all times. After a successful three years as Quality Representative, it was important to me in a personal sense that I went back to my roots in Sales. I’ve had another opportunity to do an internal transfer due to structural changes in the Sales Department.

The switch to Team Jakoparts

After just one year in Sales, an internal position became vacant. It was more than just “interesting” with a view to my future prospects. Ultimately, all those involved were agreed that they would deploy me as a Product Manager in Team Jakoparts after my successful internal application.

Team Jakoparts is responsible for the process of procuring spare parts for Asian vehicles. The team works to ensure that all 18,300 spare parts for 7,700 vehicle models are a perfect fit. Seven Product Managers, four Material Requirements Planners and one Coordinator work in the department. My tasks as Product Manager include responsibility for various product groups, maintaining those groups with regard to the items, prices and suppliers, conducting negotiations on terms and conditions, selecting and supervising suppliers, and adding new products to the range. Technical expertise and salesmanship are needed in this role.

After my latest internal transfer I’ve now been working in Team Jakoparts for around a month. I have already had the chance to learn a lot. I’ve had a warm welcome from the team, and working here has already been a lot of fun. There are a lot of new challenges, which I relish! I’m glad to be a part of Team Jakoparts, and that Herth+Buss provides me with opportunities to advance within the company and reorient myself.

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I’m very comfortable in my new role as Product Manager!