Becoming a Media Business Administrator – Onwards and upwards

30. May 2018 | Education + Careers

Whoosh! Just like the last time I sat exams to qualify as a Training Supervisor, I suddenly find myself back at the Chamber of Commerce in Offenbach, sitting an intermediate exam on the way to becoming a qualified Media Business Administrator. However, unlike the preparatory course for the Training Supervisor qualification, this course is a good deal more comprehensive.

Further training? Right this way!

Why become a Media Business Administrator?

The advanced further training is primarily intended for digital and print media designers, in addition to others working in the media sector. The objective of the whole further training course is to enable those who qualify to advance to middle management careers. By gaining a variety of new knowledge, abilities and expertise, they should be able to work as managers in small and medium-sized companies. However, the focus isn’t just on managing staff. Deepening and broadening specialist knowledge that has already been acquired is a major topic on this course.

It’s much better to learn collectively in a group.

My timetable

Teaching is conducted by the DTP Akademie RheinMain in Offenbach. I’ve been regularly gracing my desk in the classroom there with 12 other media designers to becoming a Media Business Administrator since October 2017. It was hard for all of us to get used to the idea of attending classes every Thursday after work and every other Saturday for two whole years. Yet the good thing about it is that we can motivate each other if we become listless from time to time.

The training course is split into two sections referred to as “qualifications”. Part 1 (comprising the basic qualification) focuses on labour law and business administration. The business portion in particular made a few of us break out into a sweat (me included). After all, this was a completely new and contradictory world to the customary creative domain of a media designer.

As I already wrote at the start of this post, the basic qualification culminates in the intermediate exam, which is conducted by the Chamber of Commerce. There, a 90-minute exam must be taken for each of the four subjects covered. This was a tense occasion for all of us, yet we overcame the hurdle thanks to a good deal of cramming and some heartfelt encouragement from the DTP Akademie.

The DTP Akademie wishes students every success in the upcoming exams.

Basic qualification completed!

It’s been about a fortnight since the intermediate exam, and we poor students have had the chance to recover somewhat from the revision marathon and the exam itself. However, there’s no peace for the wicked. Lessons started up again a week ago: we are now continuing with the vocational qualification (part 2). I’ll use my next blog post to tell you all about what we will be learning in this second part of the course and what the final exam will be like.