Mission accomplished! Training as a Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant

25. Jul 2018 | Education + Careers

I’ve finally got the certificate in the bag. But how did it all start? What twists and turns did the apprenticeship take? What’s in store for me now?

The first rung on the career ladder

I’ve always been interested in cars and automotive engineering, so I knew that I wanted to learn a trade that had something to do with these subjects. My uncle, who was already working in Elparts Product Management, brought my attention to the range of training opportunities on offer at Herth+Buss. That’s how I found an apprenticeship that enabled me to combine hard work with my passion for all things automotive.

I was apprehensive at the start of my first day as an apprentice. Making the switch from the classroom to the office was hard to get used to after 13 years of school and felt a bit odd. Nonetheless, I was excited to meet my colleagues and visit my new stomping ground. Not only that, but also to find out what my day-to-day tasks in the various departments would consist of and how it would be to have a structured work routine.

The road to qualification

An apprenticeship at Herth+Buss doesn’t just mean sitting in an office for three years performing repetitive tasks. During my time as an apprentice, I had the opportunity to switch between various areas of the company. This principle covers all departments and generally includes the following: Purchasing, Sales, Administration and Logistics. Of course, there were many more stops along the way. This way, I gained an overview of the various tasks to be performed in every department and a better understanding of the interrelationships between those departments. I felt very welcome wherever I went.

On the way to becoming a Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant, I was made to push myself, had the opportunity to participate actively in all departments and got the chance to shape company procedures. I was always faced with a varied daily routine, mainly due to the fact that my workplace changed on a regular basis and the opportunity I had to work in every area of the company.

Over the finish line – But what now?

Since successfully passing the Chamber of Commerce’s final exam to qualify as a Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant in summer 2018, I’ve been working on behalf of our customers in Germany as a member of the Sales Department. There, I cater to our customers for commercial vehicles and automotive engineering. My regular tasks include logging our customers’ orders, supporting them in their day-to-day business, and occasionally visiting them. In the case of the latter, I accompany one of my colleagues from the Field Service to pay a visit to our customers on their own premises.

I received a very warm welcome from my new team and look forward to my future with Herth+Buss!