Practical experience in holiday jobs

28. Jul 2017 | Education + Careers

During the school holiday period, our company is full of students from schools and universities doing holiday jobs. For the most part they help out in our Logistics department to cover for people who are away on holiday. But the students can also assist with a variety of tasks in our offices as well.

An opportunity to gain practical experience in holiday jobs.

Thanks to our close ties with the secondary schools in Heusenstamm there is never any shortage of applicants for jobs in the holiday period. A large group of students arrived in our company again two weeks ago at the start of the summer holidays in Hesse. They were first welcomed in the company canteen by members of our human resources department, who gave them all the information they needed before showing them their places of work.

I would now like to introduce some of the students who I interviewed about their holiday work at Herth+Buss.

Fabian, aged 16

Will be starting his 12th year at school after the holidays and is here for the second time. He found out about the holiday jobs on offer at Herth+Buss during an event at school. An employee accompanied him on his first day to explain everything. That helped him to find his feet and his working day now follows a regular routine. And, unlike at school, it does not really matter that he is usually “late”. Fabian just stays on a bit longer to make up his full eight-hour day. His earnings help Fabian boost his pocket money so that he can do more with his free time.

Students Summer holiday jobs Herth+Buss

Fabian, aged 16

Riana, aged 18

Has just graduated from school and this is the first time she has worked for us. She is currently employed in Product Management and will also be spending a few weeks in the Logistics department. Riana found out about our holiday job scheme from friends at school. She really enjoys working in the Jakoparts division, where all her colleagues “couldn’t be nicer”. Whenever she has any questions about her work, somebody is always on hand to explain how to use the programs and go about the task. With the money she earns at Herth+Buss, Riana is hoping to finance her planned stay in New Zealand. At the moment she does not know how long the trip will be. Which is why Riana has not yet made any definite plans for her future career.

Students Summer holiday jobs Herth+Buss

Riana – handing over the keys

Tobias and Timo, aged 18

Have come to work at Herth+Buss in the holidays for the third time. They too found out about Herth+Buss from school and their friends. They are keen to come to us because we are “just around the corner”, help to stock up their pocket money and also take on a lot of their friends.

Timo is only planning to spend a certain amount of his earnings and wants to save up the rest. Because before he does anything else, he is concentrating on passing his final exams. The same applies to Tobias as well, but he already has further plans. He wants to acquire a skiing instructor’s licence. This would enable him to supervise groups of young people on skiing trips. He is intending to use the money he earns at Herth+Buss to buy new skiing equipment.

Students Summer holiday jobs Herth+Buss

Tobias, aged 18

Students Summer holiday jobs Herth+Buss

Timo, aged 18

The four of them have only just heard about our blog. But they intend to take a regular look at it in future. They are particularly interested in our articles on “Training+Careers“.

We would like to thank all our industrious helpers and look forward to receiving yet more active assistance again next year.