From temporary worker to team leader – My way at Herth+Buss

26. Mar 2019 | Education + Careers

When I started temping at Herth+Buss in their warehouse in 2012, I could never have predicted where this journey would take me.

At the beginning, all I could see was red

It all began with stage one: storage in the warehouse. I can still vividly remember the moment when I was led through the warehouse by the team leader at the time. I was instantly struck by one thing: the colour red – i.e. the red packages that were dotted all around the place. In general, working in a warehouse was new territory for me. That’s why I was very impressed by the size of the warehouse in Heusenstamm. After a short introduction, I was allowed to start straight away and actively help out with incoming goods.

More than just a stop-gap

I realised quite early on, both through my own experience and from talking with colleagues, that Herth+Buss wasn’t just going to be a stop-gap for me. That’s why I just got down to it and was subsequently rewarded with a one-year temporary contract not long afterwards. It soon became clear to me that I could use this one year to prove how able I was, and potentially I might be offered a training contract at the end of it. No sooner said than done! This too worked out as I wanted, and after my time working as a temp, I was indeed allowed to start training as a specialist for warehouse logistics at Herth+Buss – stage three of my Herth+Buss journey.

Stage three of my logistics journey

I got to know a lot of different departments during this time, including Technical Customer Support, Assembly, Outgoing and Incoming Goods and Logistics Control. Alongside working, I attended a vocational school twice a week together with other students who I’d already got to know during my time as a temp in the warehouse. Stage three was over in a flash. My three years of training flew by much more quickly than I thought they would. But as Herth+Buss are entitled to take on trainees – once they have successfully passed their final exams – stage three soon turned into stage four: Logistics Control. This was also the department where I had an especially huge amount of fun during my training.

My time in Logistics Control

When I was in Logistics Control, I got to know the behind-the-scenes logistics processes from the ground up. One of the things that Logistics Control is responsible for is assigning regular storage areas for items that have just come in. A number of factors play an important role in this process, such asthe handling group or the volume.So if you use a complex warehouse management system, it makes the whole logistics process very efficient. Every storage operation has equivalent postings, which is what I worked on in Logistics Control on a daily basis. I really enjoyed the variety of working both in the office and in the warehouse. And it’s something I could imagine myself doing in future, as well.

Unexpected stage five – Outgoing Goods Team Leader

After having worked in Logistics Control for a few years, stage four suddenly came to an end and the door to my current position opened. In October 2018, I was offered the role as team leader of the Outgoing Goods department, which resulted from an internal change in personnel. In this role you are responsible for the entire outgoing goods operations at Herth+Buss! I was thrilled to have been offered this opportunity, yet at the same time I had great respect for the tasks I was about to start managing.

New team, new responsibilities

As a team leader, I was responsible for personnel, ensuring the flow of goods, and several other new tasks, and they are how I have been earning my daily bread ever since. Of course, I was also aware that I had the opportunity to grow as a person, and I was able to take on responsibilities in my new role from the outset. It wasn’t like jumping straight in at the deep end though, as I was very familiar with the processes and employees from when I worked as a temp and from my time in Logistics Control. I’ve been in this role for nearly 6 months now, and I’m glad that I was brave enough to take this next step almost half a year ago.

My progression has shown me that Herth+Buss values the good work contributed by each individual employee and that, in the end, it is worth putting in the effort. And in this regard, your educational background isn’t always the most relevant factor. On the other hand, teamwork and working with people are skills that are viewed as particularly important in this family-run business.