Time to head to the IAA! #traineeontour

29. Sep 2017 | Education + Careers

This year, the 66th annual IAA – International Motor Show – took place in Frankfurt between 14th and 24th September 2017. For those who don’t know, the IAA is one of the largest and most important automotive trade fairs in the world! So it’s the ideal place for anyone who’s interested in cars, automotive brands and the latest models.

Herth+Buss pays a visit at the IAA

The Research+Development Department at Herth+Buss regularly visits the IAA to gather information about innovations and changes on the market. After all, we have to keep up to date with things to be able to offer our customers the latest parts. As we trainees and students often change departments during our training, the pleasure was all mine on this occasion. I was able to accompany my colleagues from R+D on a visit to the biggest automotive trade fair. Although I mainly work in Marketing as a budding Media Designer, the International Motor Show provided an interesting change of scene.

“Future now”

This year’s motto of “Future now” focused on the trends of networked and automated driving, electric mobility and the urban mobility concepts of tomorrow. After all, the fundamental shift in the automotive industry and the further development of mobility are proceeding at breakneck speed. Numerous world firsts, developments and previously unseen innovations were on show. From self-driving cars to cars with wings – everything imaginable could be found there!
Visitors were able to take a seat in almost every car and experience close up what sort of innovations there were. They also had the opportunity to try a lot out for themselves.

The public was also enthralled by the many different demonstrations made by the various automotive manufacturers, where the latest models were presented on gigantic stages. The latest models without steering wheels and with state-of-the-art equipment were a particular highlight for me. They definitely make good on the motto of “Future now”.

Here’s to the next time!

All in all, it was a very successful and fascinating IAA that threw many surprises my way. I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying my colleagues from R+D on this trip. Being able to experience all that the show had to offer was great. For someone like me, who doesn’t really have anything to do with cars in their personal life, it was nonetheless fascinating. I’ll definitely be up for a trip to the next show in two years’ time!
I’m already looking forward to visiting the next big trade fair with all trainees and students next year. The Automechanika trade fair will be held again then. We ourselves will be in attendance with our big stand, where we’ll present product innovations to the curious public!