Trainee and student induction week 2017

14. Aug 2017 | Education + Careers

The path to a career at Herth+Buss began for us on 1st August 2017.
All in all, our group comprises three trainees and four Bachelor’s students. In the beginning, we didn’t know each other at all – let alone the company or its employees. This preliminary week was therefore intended to allow us to gather a few first impressions.
We got to know each other and the company in the care of Mrs Faust and Mrs Fischer. The highlight of the induction week took place on the Friday. We went on an an excursion to Frankfurt am Main with all trainees and Bachelor’s students of Herth+Buss.

Day 1 of the induction week

At the start of the day, our tutors, Mrs Faust and Mrs Fischer, welcomed us trainees and students.
The round of introductions was followed by some solo work. We wrote down what we expected to gain from the training or the degree course at Herth+Buss. These points were then briefly presented.
On a plant tour in the afternoon we got to know the company even better. A personal introduction by the managing directors was also included in this.
Last but not least, we worked on another individual task on the “rights of an employee/employer”, which was also discussed towards the end of the day.

Day 2 of the induction week

On the second day, we got to grips with Microsoft Excel. We started by working out the basics on our own, which we then added to with the help of a few practical examples.
Next, the mentors of the respective department briefly introduced themselves and their areas of responsibility. We summarised these in the form of presentations in order to consolidate what we had learned before reading them back to the group again.

Induction week Trainees 2017

Mr. Martz explains the responsibilities of the Marketing Department


This was followed by a photo shoot with Romy Fleischer, the photographer here at Herth+Buss. We “new faces” are introduced to the company with our official employee photos, which will make us recognisable to all employees as new trainees and Bachelor’s students.
The second part of the exercise to clarify rights and obligations took place around midday. As in the case of the first part, this was conducted in the form of case studies, followed by a discussion.

Leading on from this, Mr Thilthorpe presented one of the three Field Service buses, in addition to his own duties as a member of the Field Service Team. His tasks mainly consist of visiting workshops and presenting Herth+Buss products in the process. However, he also works to support customers at trade fairs and “doors open” days.
Shortly before the end of the second day, we started to work on our individual presentations. We were able to choose the topic freely.


On the third day, we continued to work on our PowerPoint presentations. Everyone was able to choose whichever topic they wanted. Due to that we were engrossed in our work for practically the entire day. As the day drew on, a few more employees from various departments stopped by to present their remits and responsibilities to us. Here, too, we summarised the most important information in order to really drive it home.


On the fourth day, we met at the railway station in Heusenstamm in order to set off together on our trip to Frankfurt.
“Geocaching” was the first activity on our itinerary. Our cohort was split up into smaller groups so that we had another opportunity to get to know everyone better.

Full concentration


Our task was to decipher clues and pieces of evidence that were scattered around the city before ultimately solving the case that we’d been assigned. After working through the case as a group, there was a subsequent feedback round with the aim of wrapping things up successfully.
We then proceeded to the bowling alley where we would spend the remainder of the afternoon. Upon arrival, we first ate lunch together before bowling a few rounds in various teams. Despite the fact that everyone tryed their best, none of us were equal to our secret bowling pro, Patrick.
Nonetheless, we all had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed spending the day in each other’s company.


As the week drew to a close, we all perceived the induction week at Herth+Buss as being very pleasant and friendly. We not only had the opportunity to get to know each other better. We were also able to gain a good first impression of the various departments and colleagues at the company. What’s more, we were given an introduction to Microsoft Excel and received a few tips and suggestions for improvement by holding our presentations. The trip with all the other students and trainees to round things off also gave us the chance to act as a team and cooperate with one another.

We solved the case together!

From now on, we will be assigned to different departments and are excited to discover what awaits us in our first postings within Herth+Buss!

All the best,
Patrick, Sam, Felix, Yusuf, Lars, Henry & Vanessa