Trainee mentors – Making a new start easier

18. Dec 2017 | Education + Careers

Herth+Buss regularly trains over 20 apprentices, trainees and undergraduate students every year. Obviously, these trainees don’t need to pay any kind of protection money to their trainee mentors. Perhaps just a modest cake tax…[widget_block_right id=”SM”]

What exactly do the trainee mentors do?

In organisational terms, the trainee mentors are responsible for all trainees, undergraduate students, interns and student temps alike. Every department has a mentor who takes care of younger colleagues in consultation with Human Resources and the respective vocational trainer. For the mentor concerned, this involves explaining and praising just as much as evaluating and providing constructive criticism.

I’ve been at the company for almost ten years, and I’ve been acting as a trainee mentor for five of those years. Back when our previous trainee mentor was looking for a successor, I felt as though I had been called upon to perform this role in the company. Of course, everyone’s heard one or two negative appraisals of this area. That’s why it’s so important to be able to offer our new recruits the best possible training in the individual departments. After all, successful training paves the way for the remainder of your career.

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Your trainee mentor is always by your side

What I enjoy the most:

The great thing about trainees is that they have such an unbiased view of various processes and activities. So it isn’t just the work they do that enables them to contribute to the company’s potential. There have regularly been moments when our trainees have given me an entirely different perspective of a certain process. And that’s a good thing!

It’s important to teach trainees how to work according to defined processes and working procedures, although it’s just as important to give them scope for free thinking. First and foremost, this means understanding processes, not just learning them by rote. Every department generally has a rough training plan with tasks. This is imperative for the trainees to have performed in that department alongside their day-to-day work. These include participating in talks with suppliers, regular company meetings or accompanying colleagues to trade fairs. Once the training period in the respective department has ended, there follows a career development meeting with the responsible trainee mentor.

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