Youth and trainee council (YTC)

26. Dec 2019 | Education + Careers

The youth and trainee council – YTC for short – is a group that represents the interests of employees, apprentices and BA students aged between 18 and 25 years. Acting as an auxiliary body to the works council, we work very closely with its members because works councils are responsible for representing the interests of all staff vis-à-vis their employer. It's our job to pass on suggestions to the works council in order to drive forward and bring about positive change on behalf of trainees and students employed at Herth+Buss.

How is a youth and trainee council elected?

As we employ more than five trainees and BA students at the company (in total 21), the works council resolved to set up a YTC. This allows the works council to respond even more effectively to the needs of young people and trainees.To set up the YTC, the works council appointed an election committee responsible for organising the election process. Details of the entire procedure were published on the Intranet and the company bulletin board.

Next, the election committee drew up a list of people put forward for membership of the YTC by the staff at the company eligible to vote. For a proposed employee to be finally elected, he or she had to agree to stand and had to collect signatures in support. In total only 3 members can be elected to the council, as this number depends on the number of people entitled to vote at the firm.

All employees at the company who are not yet 25 years of age are eligible to stand, and all youngsters not yet 18 can vote along with trainees who aren't yet 25. Once staff had voted for the members of the YTC, the election result was then announced by the election committee.

Our tasks

As the first YTC at Herth+Buss, we've made it our job to give serious consideration to the suggestions, ideas and proposals for improvement we receive and to put them into practice. Whether this involves extending offers for trainees or dealing with problems occurring at school or the company. We're the people to contact – it of course all remains anonymous here! We also monitor compliance with the laws (German legislation on vocational training or the protection of minors at work) as well as collective and company works agreements, and we also take resolutions here.


But we don't just offer support and advice. Our colleagues from the works council are always happy to help. Learn more about their work here.