Best equipped for e-mobility with NRGkick and wallboxes

E-mobility is becoming more and more important. However, the growing share of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids also poses a number of new challenges for workshops and drivers, such as the provision of sufficient charging stations. Herth+Buss offers the right solutions for all aspects of electromobility.

Electromobility - A topic on everyone's lips

Nowadays, we all want to shine with sustainability. We want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. The topic of electromobility is therefore on everyone's lips, both in politics and among private individuals. The media are constantly reporting on the latest developments. Manufacturers are also offering more and more models, and the proportion of electric vehicles in Germany's households is steadily increasing. This not only increases the need for public charging stations. Another consequence is the increased demand for private charging stations in garages and carports.

Perfectly equipped with our products

Herth+Buss has been following the development of electric mobility very closely for a long time. We are constantly working on adapting our product range to the new needs of drivers and garages. To this end, we now offer both the NRGkick mobile charging stations and wallboxes from our sales partner AUTEL.

Save time with the NRGkick charging station

With the NRGkick mobile charging station, both electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids can be charged quickly and safely. The special feature: only a standard socket is required for use. Thanks to the exchangeable plug attachments, NRGkick is suitable for CEE32, CEE16 and Schuko sockets. With the help of the additional Type 2 plug attachment, charging can also be carried out at any public charging station. In addition, charging with NRGkick is significantly faster than with the charging cables often supplied with electric cars. These cables, often referred to as "emergency charging cables", can usually only provide up to 10 amps on one phase (and thus 2.3 kW). NRGkick can charge with a maximum of 32 amps on three phases, depending on the available socket. At 22 kW, this results in almost ten times the power! In practice, this means that an electric car capable of this with a capacity of 24 kWh is already almost fully charged in one hour with the NRGkick. With the emergency charging cable, this would take over ten (!) hours.

Innovative wallboxes - KFW subsidies possible

Through our sales partnership with AUTEL, we have been able to expand our range of innovative wallboxes. The wallboxes are compatible with almost all electric vehicles and cover all common charging standards. They are particularly convincing with a powerful output of up to 22 kW and a maximum charging current of up to 32 A. Furthermore, the wallboxes have an Ethernet cable connection, Bluetooth, WLAN and are 4G-capable depending on the version. Another advantage is that the AUTEL wallboxes are on the KFW list for subsidies. We offer a wallbox with an output of 11 kW and other wallboxes with an output of 22 kW. This means that the right charging station eligible for subsidies can be selected for every application, whether in the private or commercial sector.

Charge Cable, electric vehicle
NRGkick 32A

Article number: 95960105/-107/-110/-115/-117

Socket Adapter
NRGkick Adapter Set

Article number: 95960180

Socket Adapter
NRGkick Adapter

Article number: 95960181, -185

Charging station, electric vehicle
Article number: AU411501/ AU422501/ -22502/ -22503/ -22201/ -22202/ -22203