A little Herth+Buss Easter greeting

13. Apr 2017 | People + Business

It’s just before Easter and the sun is shining brightly outside. The sky is blue and the first shoots of spring have sprung. Today is another one of those perfect days for a glorious midday walk. My colleague from Bookkeeping and I meet again just after 1 pm at the main entrance. Together, we leave the grounds of Herth+Buss and walk to the town forest in Heusenstamm. There, the flowers are already in full bloom and the birds are belting out their finest chorus from the treetops. We always walk the same route past greenfield land and alongside the polytunnels where the green leaves are already poking through the earth.

Then we come to the mobile hen house. It stands on a large field; all of the hens are out and about today. If you stay very quiet, you can hear their faint clucking. Sometimes we have a little fun with them and call them over to the fence. Then they get much louder and we laugh our socks off! Our lunch break lasts for forty-five minutes, so we can’t stay with our feathered friends for too long. Nonetheless, we took a few pictures and made a video for you. That brought our walk to an end. As ever, we enjoyed our lunchtime leg-stretch enormously. We’ll soon be able to buy the hens’ eggs, dye them and paint them in bright colours. We can hardly wait! On behalf of Herth+Buss, we wish you all a Happy Easter!

 As you know, I can’t let Easter pass me by without writing a short poem:

Easter is coming, the daffodils bloom,
But there’s work left to do and the deadlines still loom.

Things here will soon be as bright as a flower,
We’re painting our Easter eggs hour after hour.

The chocolate bunny is asleep in his nest,
And we wish one and all a wonderful fest!

The hens are laughing!
Here is a brief video from our excursion.