A photographer’s visit to MMK Museum of Modern Art

18. Aug 2017 | People + Business

I managed to fit some art into my weekend plans on Saturday – and not before time! Herth+Buss is a member of the MMK Museum of Modern Art and has been making donations to it for a number of years. Every year, we receive a few free tickets that are raffled off among our colleagues. The MMK Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt am Main comprises three individual museums. MMK 1 is located in central Frankfurt, close to the Römer building. It boasts some stunning architecture. Large, bright and spacious rooms invite visitors to wander through.

As a photographer, it goes without saying that I have a particular penchant for photographic exhibitions. However, I started painting with acrylics around a year ago, so I’m always curious to see what inspiration I can draw from other artists for this as well – potentially even in combination with photography. This was also my reason for visiting the exhibition of Carolee Schneemann’s work.

An exhibition on Carolee Schneemann

A showcase entitled “Kinetic Painting” is dedicated to the American artist. The artist, choreographer, performer and author uses this term to describe a kind of corporeal art. She combines performance and photography, in which her own body plays a central part. Photos and objects from her day-to-day life are integrated into her works.

Museum MMK Sponsoring Herth+Buss

There are many pieces on display in the exhibition in which Schneemann frames herself as the subject. I was particularly keen on the black-and-white photos.

The title is “Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions for Camera”. Although I have already taken many, many portraits of others, I don’t take pictures of myself very often. I find it extremely strange to put myself in the frame, contemplate the context artistically and then assign to it a particular subject matter. I find these free shots that Carolee Schneemann took of herself beautiful yet disconcerting for this reason. Nevertheless, I regard her with respect because I have a very good idea of how much work is behind projects like that.

A comparison to my own work at Herth+Buss

When I’m at work, it’s more often all sorts of car parts and people that end up in front of my lens. Up until now, my perspective has been rather documentary in nature. This means it’s not always easy for me to empathise with artists. Thankfully I have a vivid imagination which makes me receptive to a lot of different things regardless. I hope that painting will open a lot more creative doors for me as well.

The next visit to the museum is being planned!

In MMK Museum of Modern Art 3, which is directly opposite MMK 1, an exhibition is currently in progress with submissions from the finalists of the “Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize”. This is already pencilled in for my next museum visit. I’m looking forward to it already!

Who knows, maybe I can put one or two of the things I’ve learned into practice at Herth+Buss in some form or another. At any rate, I feel very inspired and hope that you have enjoyed this brief and tantalising glimpse into the world of the creative arts.

Museum MMK Sponsoring Herth+Buss