Carnival time at Herth+Buss!

01. Mar 2017 | People + Business

Carnival season was in full swing here in Germany and we naturally couldn't let it pass us by! When we say "we", that is to say the Marketing Department at Herth+Buss. We are a team made up of creative thinkers and we love having a laugh.

The first official act that a carnival fool has to carry out on "Fat Thursday" is to go hunting for ties! But where's the best place to do this? In a management meeting, of course. Lots of men wearing suits and ties – just the right place, off we go! With a cry of "traaa-raaa" and a loud fanfare, we stormed the session and pounced on any ties we found. There was a kiss on the cheek in exchange for the pieces we cut off, as is the custom. Unfortunately, our haul wasn't that impressive this time, but two victims are better than none. And very fine specimens, too! One other colleague's tie also fell foul of our scissors later on. All good things come in threes, as they say.

Carnival time in the Herth+Buss Marketing Department

Five days later, Shrove Tuesday was almost upon us. Just like every year since 2009, we were looking for a good theme for our office carnival outfits. There were a few suggestions ranging from pensioners to unicorns, but these weren't quite right. There was even talk of flamingos. Finally, we had all agreed on a winner. Most of us still had a Stetson at home, so the decision was final. We would transform ourselves into Cowboys and Indians.

Over the previous few days, I'd decorated our office with countless paper chains, which made it look really nice. And we weren't stingy with confetti or streamers, either. In the morning, I was sure to stock up on plenty of doughnuts again, with flavours including apple and cinnamon, strawberry and vanilla, plum and even raspberry. Mmm-mmm, they sure were tasty! In the evening, I fetched the hoover and the confetti disappeared from sight again. I didn't want to leave that job up to our cleaning ladies. All in all, it was a great carnival season.

I've summarised our zany few days for you here in a short poem:

Lend me your ears as I read you this rhyme,
At Herth+Buss, it's carnival time!

Deck out the office, vibrant and bright,
Carnival fools will rejoice at the sight!

Spurs on our boots and feathers in place,
Stetsons on heads, war paint on our face!

Let's cause some mischief and hullabaloo,
Today we are Cowboys – and Indians too!

We gobble our doughnuts while wearing a grin,
On Ash Wednesday, it's all over again.

We've already chosen our theme for next year,
So prepare for surprises and give us a cheer!