With a little help from the elves – the Christmas campaign at Herth+Buss

24. Dec 2020 | People + Business

The coronavirus pandemic is, of course, a danger to health, but it has also been a financial challenge for many people. The decision was therefore clear for us: we want to help at least one person in this situation. The idea quickly became reality and with the support of our employer, a great team and a member of our Workshop Advisory Board, the plan was implemented. We wanted to help a person who drives an Asian vehicle requiring a large amount of repairs and get the 'sled' running smoothly again.

Of course, we quickly asked ourselves where we could find such a person and then we asked Sascha Hölzinger (Hubba’s Kfz-Service in Wächtersbach), a member of our Workshop Advisory Council, about a suitable person for our Christmas mission. In fact, he had a customer, Uschi, whose car urgently needed an overdue inspection and who wasn't doing well financially. When Uschi found out that we would carry out an inspection with all possible worn spare parts, she was delighted!

Vehicle inspection on the sled

The extent of work required was clear after the inspection. A complete inspection with replacement of all liquids, replacement of the brakes at the front and rear and an air conditioning and interior disinfection with our AirClean system had to be carried out. Thanks to our comprehensive range, we had all parts for Uschi's vehicle in stock. And so the two Buddies became the "helping elves" and the work began.

First of all, we tested the function of all lights, the horn and the washing water system. Once we had checked the liquids (washing water, coolant and brake fluid) and changed or topped them up where necessary, all filters were replaced. After an oil change (child's play with our magnetic lifter), then we took care of the replacement of the brakes. Finally, we conducted a complete air conditioning and interior disinfection with our AirClean system so that Uschi can drive in a completely virus-free and bacteria-free car with a clear conscience.

The work was a lot of fun - and payment? The Uschi's happy face was payment enough. It's a pleasure to help such a lovely person. When she drove out of the yard in a road-safe and virus-free car, new wheel trims and foot mats (which were sponsored by Autoteppich Stylers from Wächtersbach), we were unbelievably happy. We knew that we had done a good deed in this extraordinary situation and were able to relieve some of the pressure from someone who was struggling. That was definitely worth the hard work!


Incidentally, if you are wondering why Uschi needed new wheel trims: The big powerful elf (alias Jens) unfortunately broke one of the previous wheel covers as he was taking it off. The smaller elf found this hilarious, but I still maintain: It was definitely cracked.

Another special thanks goes to Sascha Hölzinger from Hubba's Kfz-Service in Wächtersbach. He sponsored the liquids for the vehicle, provided the premises and supported us with the work (a little). And, of course, the entire team from Herth+Buss for taking part and the great support! It was a fantastic promotion!

There's just one thing left to say: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and, above all, good health from the elves and all their colleagues and helpers - let's hope that life returns to normal soon.