Company anniversary – We’ve been on the Herth+Buss team for 10 years!

29. Aug 2017 | People + Business

Nicole, Christin, Mukhtar and Christian started their training at Herth+Buss 10 years ago. Nicole and Christin completed their training to become Dealers in Wholesale and Foreign Trade. Mukhtar and Christian were trained to become Warehouse Logistics Specialists. On the occasion of this anniversary, they told me about the experiences and events which have shaped their professional lives up to the present.

Nicole, Material Requirements Planner in Jakoparts Product Management

was already involved in organizing the company party as a trainee.
Since completing her training, she has been deployed in the Jakoparts division as a Material Requirements Planner for Purchasing. Even as early as her initial training, she knew that she wanted to work in this area of the company. So it was a special day when she found out that she was to be posted to her first-choice department: Jakoparts!

Among her tasks as a Material Requirements Planner is ensuring the continuous availability of all products within her scope of responsibility. What’s more, she’s now also a mentor for the trainees and Bachelor’s students in her department.
Nicole has always had an interest in undertaking further training. As a result, she attended the English lessons offered by Herth+Buss, in addition to undertaking advanced professional training. She would like to continue taking part in seminars and training courses in the future to expand her specialist knowledge.
And she’s been an active member of the company in sporting terms, too. She’s pushed herself to the max multiple times in the JP Morgan Run and the Heusenstamm Church Run. In addition, she has organised several Christmas parties for her department together with other colleagues.

Christin, Material Requirements Planner in Elparts Product Management

started working as a Data Administrator in Elparts Product Management straight after her training. There, she verified and updated all relevant product information in our database. She’s remained in the same department to this day, albeit with different duties: Christin is now a Material Requirements Planner. Her tasks include ensuring our supply capability, managing master data and entering our products into SAP. These jobs are accompanied by managing and processing enquiries from our Sales, Logistics and Bookkeeping departments. Christin was overjoyed when she was kept on after her training. Naturally, switching to a different remit was also a highlight for her.


Mukhtar, Warehouse Logistics Specialist

was deployed as a Stock Picker in the Outgoing Goods area of the Logistics department after completing his training. After a short while, he switched to conducting final checks at the packing station, where the picked stock is checked and prepared for shipment. He loves day-to-day work with his colleagues and really appreciates the family-friendly social benefits offered to him by Herth+Buss. What’s more, Herth+Buss provides its employees with a prayer room. Mukhtar finds this fact very respectful and would like to express his thanks for it at this point!

Christian, Administrator in Complaints Management

was deployed to Incoming Goods in the Logistics department after finishing his training. After working in Incoming Goods for eight months, a position opened up in Technical Services (Sales). He submitted an internal application and was accepted. He’s now been working in this department since 2011. Dealing with incoming mail is one of his day-to-day tasks. This includes processing customer returns, warranty correspondence, stock management and/or clearance and used part returns. In addition, he’s also responsible for dealing with products in need of repair and for returning rejected warranty claims to customers.

Christian is a Deputy Fire Safety Assistant and is frequently also responsible for inducting trainees/interns. He has the opportunity to participate in an automotive training course for commercial staff and plans to take full advantage of this. He’s satisfied with his development at Herth+Buss so far. In terms of what the future may hold, he sees further career prospects for himself at the company as well. He certainly wouldn’t rule out celebrating more anniversaries at Herth+Buss in the future!


As you can see, our four colleagues celebrating this anniversary have all forged their own path at Herth+Buss. Each one of them has already experienced a great deal and written their own story at the company.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and hope that we may have the pleasure of celebrating the next anniversary with you as well.