Environmental management – Herth+Buss goes green

12. Dec 2017 | People + Business

Sustainability, greenhouse gases, climate change: these are terms that everyone is familiar with in this day and age. Against this backdrop, responsible use of natural resources is becoming ever more important. This isn’t just true for the individual: it is particularly relevant for companies’ environmental management policies. We at Herth+Buss also place a strong emphasis on environmentally responsible action in every sense for this reason. I’d like to briefly describe exactly what we have already done for the environment and what we still intend to do: [widget_block_right id=”Facebook”]

PARTSLIFE – A win-win situation

Service provider PARTSLIFE supports us in a wide range of projects. One example of these is the PARTSLIFE packaging, which we have been involved in for a long time now. As a distributor, we are committed to properly disposing of sales packaging. This means that PARTSLIFE coordinates the proper disposal of all types of workshop waste, which enables this workshop waste to be separated from normal domestic or commercial waste. This licensing solution offers several advantages in the process: complete execution from a single source, fewer costs, full legal certainty and positive contribution to the environment.

What’s more, we also had PARTSLIFE perform a voluntary energy audit at our company. You’re probably wondering what this means.
An energy audit is specifically an inspection and analysis of companies’ use and consumption of energy. It’s perhaps easier to visualise if you use a car as an example. The consumption of fuel is determined for a specific car and evaluated while taking all factors that influence consumption into consideration.


The goal of the energy audit was to identify energy-saving measures. We have already been able to make several savings thanks to the energy audit. Examples of these include converting T8 fluorescent tubes to LED lights in an area of logistics, and modernising the heating system by installing highly efficient pumps. Both were supported by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). By implementing all the measures derived from the energy audit, Herth+Buss reduced power consumption by approx. 21%!

This year, true to our role as Environmental Representatives for our company, Thomas Ullrich and I once more attended the Environmental Representative Congress run by PARTSLIFE and the Environmental Institute in Offenbach in order to stay fully up to date with the topic of environmental management and energy management.

Herth+Buss goes greener

In order to continuously improve our environmental performance, we have integrated our environmental management processes into our general management system. We try to generate power and conserve the environment wherever possible.

To name just one example, we added a hybrid vehicle to our company fleet in October. What’s more, we have installed a photovoltaic array on our roof to generate as much power as possible over a small area, enabling us to generate renewable energy.


What do we want to achieve in the future with our environmental management?

A new warehouse hall is currently being built. This project is intended to be realised as energy-efficiently as possible. Here, too, highly efficient LED lighting with an intelligent control system and automatic regulation for the underfloor heading are to be implemented.

In addition, we intend to put ourselves forward for the PARTSLIFE Environmental Prize once more in 2018. This is awarded to companies that visibly assume responsibility for conserving the natural environment, and whose proactive, environmentally oriented actions are particularly exemplary and worthy of emulation. We first threw our hat into the ring for the prize in 2012 and were delighted to come first!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this brief foray into the topic of environmental management at Herth+Buss. We will continue to do more for the environment in the future.