Fit for the new year with Herth+Buss!

03. Jan 2018 | People + Business

Resolutions such as “I’ll go to the gym regularly this year” or “I want to be fitter and more dynamic” surely ring a bell for all of us. Year after year, the same old resolutions continue to resurface. Yet if we’re being honest, we continue to find new excuses for not sticking to them. But what would happen if your employer were to cover the costs of gym membership, including access to the swimming pool? Then you’d need to come up with a better excuse! Herth+Buss promotes its employees’ participation in sporting activities during their free time. That helps everyone keep fit! What’s more, two gyms in the area are supported by the initiative: purfitness and Fitness Palast in Heusenstamm. The swimming pool in Heusenstamm is also an ideal alternative. It is perfect for those who love to swim, but aren’t so keen on visiting the gym. [widget_block_right id=”SM”]

No more excuses – Get fit with purfitness in Heusenstamm

I’ve been training at purfitness since Herth+Buss first started cooperating with them. This chain of gyms can also be found in Dietzenbach, Weiskirchen, Wallau, Obertshausen, Nieder-Roden, Mainaschaff, Hainburg and Alzenau in addition to Heusenstamm. The gym allows visitors to take advantage of various flat-rate offers. They are: drinks, fit vibration plate and VIP flat-rate, a unique Milon strength endurance circuit or a course flat-rate. The courses range from Jumping Fitness and Express Abs to Indoor Cycling and Spinal Gymnastics. Those who enjoy steaming in the sauna are also able to pay a visit to the one in the swimming pool. And on the topic of swimming: the pool in Heusenstamm. It is adjacent to purfitness, can be directly accessed through a dedicated entrance in the gym. This allows anyone who feels they haven’t trained hard enough to swim a few lengths immediately afterwards.

My personal impression

In my opinion, purfitness has a great vibe. The gym is situated in an old sports hall, which makes it feel very large, open and bright. This makes training considerably more pleasant! I played handball in this sports hall for many years in its former incarnation, so this space has a very special place in my heart. If you ask me, purfitness offers something for everyone with its exclusive portfolio of fitness and health services!

In addition to subsidising memberships for the gym, we offer a wide variety of extra employee benefits:


Our company allows you to set your own working hours after discussion with the relevant Team leaders. This means that you don’t have to start or finish your working day at a specific time. You can set these hours freely within a certain period. This allows you to be flexible, meaning you can seamlessly integrate your private errands and appointments into your working day.

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Flexible working hours – employees stamp in and out

Herth+Buss active

We offer various initiatives for keeping fit as part of the “Herth+Buss active” programme. As you’ve already read, we subsidise membership fees at participating gyms, organise running events in the vicinity and offer support in giving up smoking. We also reward your good health: you receive a bonus if you don’t notch up any days off due to illness. To give this the best possible chance, you can benefit from our annual flu jabs and eye tests – all voluntary and free of charge.

Capital-forming payments

According to employment law, capital-forming payments are a charge levied with the aim of long-term investment, meaning that the money cannot be paid out immediately. At Herth+Buss, you will receive the maximum amount of €40 per month for these investments. There is a free choice in terms of the institute and type of investment (building loan contract or savings scheme).

Further training

It’s very important to us that our employees are able to develop further. We are interested in giving every employee this opportunity. Whether language courses, specialist training sessions or further training after a degree course or apprenticeship has been concluded – with such a wide range of opportunities for further training, you’ll never be stuck in a rut at our company!

Company restaurant

There is a range of subsidised choices on offer at our company restaurant, where you can choose from soups, salads, various menus and desserts. We even offer a selection of good-value, delicious dishes for breakfast. You can help to shape the meal plan yourself by making menu suggestions. Sometimes, there are special meals which are tailored to the respective weeks, such as during Carnival or around Christmas. Every few weeks, we have “low-carb weeks” to help our employees being fit and stay in tip-top shape at all times!

Fit, Fitness, Herth+Buss, Start into the New Year, Benefits, H+B, Services, Support

The Herth+Buss company restaurant – plenty of room for delicious dishes!

Company pension

Would you like to make preparations for your old age? You can set up a pension with us directly. In the process, a proportion of your salary which is actually paid out with special bonuses (holiday pay and Christmas bonuses), or even certain proportions of your normal salary, can be paid into the company pension scheme.


To make your day-to-day work as comfortable as possible, independent inspections of the workplace are conducted and surveys on company health policy are carried out at regular intervals. In this way, we can guarantee you ideal working conditions with an ergonomically correct and safe workplace. They can be custom-adapted if needs be.

Other means of support

In addition, we offer to reimburse the money you spend each month to have your children cared for in a nursery. Furthermore, you can take advantage of an employer loan or receive financial support to purchase a pair of glasses for working with computers.