Fitness in the office with the R+D Team

08. Mar 2017 | People + Business

Once a week in Research+Development, it’s a case of grabbing a chair and sitting in a circle. A few casual fitness exercises are just what we need to keep that midday slump at bay! Anyone who doesn’t manage to do any circuit training in the gym sponsored by Herth+Buss has the chance to mobilise their whole body briefly in the office every Wednesday. The neighbouring Product Management and Pricing offices are always invited to take part in the weekly active lunch break as well.

Keeping complaints at bay with fitness

Tension in muscles and a lack of concentration are often symptoms of a lack of movement in the workplace. Anyone who takes a moment to relax and move their body from time to time while sitting at their desk will be able to work with increased relaxation and concentration. Doing so also helps to prevent musculoskeletal complaints and disorders. Physical fitness can also be improved alongside increasing general well-being by integrating small units of movement into the working day.

Fitness in the Office at Herth+Buss

Appropriate exercises are performed by employees in order to relieve the tension or light backache caused by the often long periods spent sitting at the desk. An exercise is provided for every muscle group, from the neck muscles to the shoulders and calves. In the process, it’s important to maintain a good posture and focus on breathing calmly and evenly. Apart from this, we always enjoy trying out new exercises and integrate these into the active lunch break as well.

The whole session lasts for approximately 15 minutes; afterwards, we genuinely do feel physically and mentally prepared for the afternoon ahead. An exercise demonstration by one of our colleagues now and then naturally also provides a few laughs.