Goods receipt – The first stop for many newcomers

16. Jul 2019 | People + Business

Goods receipt is where the logistics process starts! As a result, the tasks here are also very varied. They don’t just include unloading overseas containers and deliveries sent to us. Correct recording of goods in our high-bay warehouse also plays an important role here.

Goods acceptance

Goods acceptance is where the identity, quality and quantities of the goods must be checked. Here we determine exactly where the goods came from and whether they were delivered to us in full. But above all, we look at the condition of the goods. Damaged goods will be subject to a complaint in consultation with the product manager concerned. Other tasks associated with acceptance include container unloading and temporary storage of goods accepted, provided that these are in perfect condition. The items are then stored temporarily there until they can be processed.

Processing shipments

Once we have accepted and temporarily stored the goods, we process them based on the shipping notification, i.e. by delivery date. If we have received the items for the first time, they are scanned using our PBM device. The device measures and weighs the new items. It then transmits this data directly to our inventory management system. As soon as this has been completed, the goods are made available for storage or the reserve area.

The reserve area

Driving a high-rack stacker requires a high degree of concentration. Staff in the reserve area must therefore be very careful and cautious when handling the machine. Self-organisation and concentration are very important in this regard.
We also need to pay attention to quantity and quality when storing the pallets. If necessary, the goods being stored are provided for storage on pallets for the shelf system (fixed bays).


In order to store the goods, the goods that were recorded in Goods Receipt are correctly stored on the shelves, i.e. in the fixed storage bays, and in the dynamic storage areas. Here, it is important that colleagues check the goods again to ensure they are complete and correct before completing the storage process. This way we can avoid errors in our inventory.

Our main aim is to bring the goods into our warehouse correctly and in perfect condition. We try to keep throughput times as short as possible and thus achieve a high-quality process.

Summary of my work in Goods Receipt

For me personally, it’s particularly exciting to keep an eye on everything in Goods Receipt. In this way, I can immediately plan any changes that occur and have them incorporated into practice. Logistics is booming in every industry, and we at Herth+Buss are also clearly feeling the growth. We look forward to the new challenges in the future and working together with all departments here at Herth+Buss.