Health & Safety at the workplace – What should I remember?

28. Apr 2019 | People + Business

Health & Safety at the workplace – What should I remember?

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is taking place on 28 April 2019. Initiated by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), this day-long campaign has been held since 1984. Every day some 6000 people die as a result of working conditions that are injurious to health. Action needs to be taken here.

Tips for Health & Safety at work – This is the way to behave!

At seated workstations

Compared with the past, we are now spending more and more time sitting down at work, and above all in a manner that is not good for our health. It seems as if no-one any longer knows how to set up a workstation properly, although our typical office ailments could be prevented by this alone.

The perfect seated workstation should be set up as follows:


  • lower than the horizontal line of sight and at least an arm's length away

Keyboard and mouse:

  • forming a line with the elbow
  • Resting your hands on the table prevents them from being bent


  • Tilt the pelvis forwards slightly. This makes it easier to sit upright!
  • Keep the knees and elbows at right angles to prevent pain
  • Place your feet flat on the floor. A footstool will also make sitting easier on the back




It is best if an adjustable desk or workbench is available. This allows you to work standing up for example or makes it easier for you to comply with the above points when sitting down.


When lifting and carrying

Logistics workers in particular must pay special attention to their health! As they have to do a lot of lifting and carrying, they are at real risk from complaints. The key factor here is the right technique as you can't change the weight of a load.

By adopting the right posture you can help to avoid putting the spine under unnecessary strain. The most important rule here is to keep the back as straight as possible!

It is always advisable not to lift or carry heavy loads if they can be moved with other means. In other words, you should use the equipment available here!

Avoid twisting and jerky movements of the body as they put massive strain on the spine. Tip: First pick the load up straight and then turn the entire body in the direction of movement in steps. When setting down the load, keep your back straight and put the load down in a controlled manner with your knees and hips bent.

Typical office ailments – How to avoid them?

  • One, if not the best-known office ailment, is the headache!Headaches generally come about over a period of time through continuously concentrating on a monitor. To prevent them, you should preferably position your fingers a few centimetres away from your eyebrows and massage your head lightly there.
  • Backache is also one of the most common complaints. If you get some exercise with a little office workout, you can prevent this from coming about in the first place.
  • A good way of getting tense shoulders to relax is to move them backwards and forwards in circles several times while in an upright position.
  • A stiff neck is often also the causes of headaches. One good exercise that can be practised at the workplace is to turn your head slightly to the left and pull it towards the left shoulder with your left hand. Repeat with the right hand and shoulder.


At Herth+Buss, sports are also practiced in the office to keep fit!

Durch unsere Tipps könnt ihr eurem Herzen, Rücken und Augen helfen. Ihr solltet nicht nur am 28. April auf eure körperliche und psychische Gesundheit achten, sondern jederzeit. Dies liegt nicht nur in eurem Interesse sondern auch im Interesse eures Arbeitgebers!

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