Herth+Buss’ Christmas donation drive!

19. Dec 2016 | People + Business

It's become tradition for our company to embark on a donation drive over the festive period every year. We think this is a far more sensible use for money than spending it on Christmas presents. Three initiatives in particular are very close to our hearts: we therefore decided to donate €5,000 to each of these again in the course of this year's donation campaign. These charities are the association "TEILEN e.V.", the foundation "F.A.Z.-Leser helfen" and the museum "MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst" in Frankfurt am Main. I would like to give you some more detailed information on each of these today.

TEILEN e.V. keeps children safe in traffic

The organisation TEILEN e.V. comprises over 60 renowned companies from the independent aftermarket. These include big-name vehicle parts manufacturers, retailers and even independent workshops. Herth+Buss has also been involved since January 2013. TEILEN e.V. is involved in various projects to keep children safe in traffic, such as accident prevention measures, support for accident victims and acclimatising car drivers to the need to protect children in road traffic. An increase in traffic safety is another aim. What's more, the organisation also cooperates with the charity "Kinder-Unfallhilfe e.V." and the "Peter Maffay Stiftung" foundation.

In one current donation campaign run by the organisation, 35,000 road safety items were handed out to children in over 1,000 independent car workshops. During vehicle inspections, drivers were also given free high-visibility vests and collars, signal armbands and bike reflectors. We think this is a worthy campaign; after all, it ensures that many children are now safer on their way to school.


MMK Museum of Modern Art

The MMK Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt am Main exhibits contemporary artworks. The collection at the MMK comprises over 5,000 works by international artists from the 1960s to the present. It has a total of three exhibition locations, namely MMK 1 (on Domstrasse), MMK2 (in the TaunusTurm tower) and MMK 3 (in the former Central Customs Office). The MMK 2 receives no public funds, being entirely financed by the "MMK Stiftung" foundation, private donations and other organisations, so it is our pleasure to be able to make a contribution to promote and support the museum. MMK 2 is the latest branch of the MMK. The exhibition, which changes twice a year, presents works from the gallery's collection grouped under current themes.

Donation MMK Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt

F.A.Z.-Leser helfen

The foundation F.A.Z.-Leser helfen supports worthy institutions in a variety of areas every year. This year, the foundation has selected an education project for refugees run by the Chamber of Commerce for the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region, which was set up to train young refugees in manual trades.

The construction of a dormitory for young schoolgirls in the north of Ghana should also be made possible with the support of the Protestant Church in Germany. These schoolgirls have been lacking an option for staying overnight until now: the need for such a dormitory has arisen due to the fact that many of them have such a long and arduous route to school.