More than one Sports event at Herth+Buss

21. Jun 2017 | People + Business

The Heusenstamm Church Run – Our first Sports event

The annual Church Run took place in Heusenstamm on Saturday 27th May. This is a charity Sports event whose proceeds go to the church community in Heusenstamm. We at Herth+Buss put together a small team of runners to participate, comprising yours truly and two colleagues of mine. In advance, it was possible to opt for one of three routes online, each with a different distance: 3.5 km, 6.9 km and 16.6 km. My colleagues and I opted for the happy medium of 6.9 km. The day of the race gave us the ideal weather for outdoor bathing – with blue skies and uninterrupted sunshine. However, we were set for a sweaty run at close to 30 °C. The starter’s pistol was fired just after 3 pm.

My run

After the first kilometre or two, the heat gradually started to get to me and I tried to run in the shade whenever I could. “Why oh why didn’t I go swimming at the lake?” was the thought that crossed my mind by the time I saw the “4 kilometres” sign. After that, there was a brief forested section. I’m not a regular runner and I started to feel my legs becoming progressively heavier. The route led back out of the woods and towards a residential area. Several people stood by the roadside and sprayed their garden hoses onto the street as a little refreshment. A long-awaited drink stand was just around the next bend. By the way, I would recommend standing still while drinking so you don’t choke – I speak from personal experience!


The home straight!

I sadly had to forego the sprint finish as I turned into the home straight with my face as red as a tomato: I knew that my hamstrings would have given up on me straight away if I’d tried. Then I finally crossed the line. I’d done it! What’s more, I’d come in considerably below the time of 35 minutes that I’d set as my target beforehand. However, I was so exhausted and thirsty that I didn’t really feel much like celebrating.

One of my colleagues was already waiting for me at the finish line. We wanted to take a photo before and after the run, so we waited for our remaining colleague to finish. I tried to put on my most convincing grin for the aforementioned photo, but all I could muster was a tired smile – as you can see for yourselves.

The Herth+Buss Team at Church Run 2017 in Heusenstamm

Although I’d missed the chance to swim at the lake in such wonderful weather, it was a great day for Herth+Buss, my colleagues and me personally. Out of a total of 124 runners, we finished 7th, 12th and 64th. Not a bad result at all in my opinion.

Jan Imgram

Sports event No. 3 – Taking part in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

On 13th June 2017, around 64,000 runners from companies in a wide range of industries teemed among the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline of Frankfurt. We – the Herth+Buss running team – were right in the thick of the action. At this year’s JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, our team of colleagues comprised Florian König, Stefan Weber, Jan Schönherr, myself and two undergraduate students: Anika Kipphan and Robin Fehn.

After handing out the T-shirts we had designed especially for the running team, not to mention our starting numbers, we started off from Heusenstamm and headed towards Frankfurt in two cars. There was enough time for a Bratwurst to keep our strength up, too.

Sports event JP Morgan Frankfurt 2017

On our way to the start


Starters, on your marks!

We were already in our starting positions around an hour before the start, where we waited for things to finally get going. We started off from Neue Mainzer Straße. From there, the route took us past the campus of the Goethe University and the Taunusanlage Park before finally ending in the greenery of the Senkenberganlage in the district of Frankfurt-Bockenheim.

My running partner Anika and I drew motivation from the many onlookers lining the route. Loud music, drums, whistles and a great many other noise-makers provided plenty of atmosphere. Anika and I made it to the finish in around 37 minutes, leaving 5.6 km in our wakes. Now, a buffet of mineral water and bananas stood before us. Just as well, because we urgently needed a pick-me-up.

On the Opernplatz Square, we once again bumped into our team-mates. We exchanged notes about our performance, managed to grab finishers’ T-shirts and then rounded off the evening with a Bratwurst and a few cold drinks.

Alexander Martz

The third Sports event – The Herth+Buss company kickabout

Our annual Herth+Buss company kickabout took place this year on 14th June 2017 by the Martinsee lake in Heusenstamm. With wonderful weather and warm temperatures, players and spectators alike started to trickle into the sports ground at around 6:30 pm. The barbecue had already been fired up and the drinks had been chilled. Everything was ready for Sports event numbre three.

All or nothing!



For the sake of fairness, both teams were mixed and made up of players from both Logistics and our office. The whistle blew to kick off the big game: Team Yellow against Team White. Due to the balmy temperature, we played 20 minutes in the first half in order to test just how fit and healthy we really were! Everybody got stuck in and it wasn’t long before the first red faces were on show. After a generous drink break, the contest continued in lively fashion. After another 20 minutes, all the players had a second chance to catch their collective breath, leading the referee and Thomas Sattler, the Head of Logistics, to extend the match by a further 10 minutes. Going by the players’ red faces by the final whistle, it looked more like a match between Team Lobster and Team Tomato! The final result: 8-7 to Team White.

After a sportsmanlike shake of hands from both teams and an exciting match for the spectators to enjoy, hot sausages from the barbecue and chilled beers were handed out. Nobody was injured and the match was a lot of fun for the players and crowd alike – so the evening was definitely a successful one!

A big thank you at this point to the organisational team, who did a marvellous job putting everything together.

Jan Imgram