Sharing is caring – for greater road safety

12. Dec 2018 | People + Business

This year, we came up with a very special idea for our festive gift campaign. Every year, we donate €5,000 to the charity TEILEN e.V., but we didn’t just want to give a cash sum this year...

Darkness increases the accident risk

Many pedestrians and cyclists wear dark clothing, meaning they cannot be seen clearly by drivers. In the darker months of the year, it is all the more important to be clearly visible in traffic for a good road safety. If drivers see a cyclist or pedestrian too late, this often has serious consequences. Unfortunately, children are more and more frequently involved in traffic collisions for this reason.

In addition to wearing bright clothes, there are other ways for pedestrians and cyclists to increase their visibility on the road: reflectors on clothing and wheel-mounted lights are two examples of cheap yet effective measures.

Sharing is caring

To mark the occasion of our advent calendar on Facebook, we made it our mission to increase the visibility of children for road safety on the road and donate the appropriate lights to do so. This festive season, that’s exactly why we donated 100 lights to be fixed to bicycles, rucksacks or other items to Year 4 pupils at the Otto-Hahn-Schule in Heusenstamm.

But the initiative won’t stop there: we will also donate an LED bicycle light to TEILEn e.V. for every shared post on Facebook. Doing a good deed every day really can be that easy! Simply click on the picture, which will redirect you to the Facebook post in question. After that, all you need to do is share it and donate an LED light on us. This will then be given to a child by TEILEn e.V. as part of their campaign.

What is TEILEN e.V.

The charitable organisation gathers donations for a wide variety of projects with the aim of protecting children on the road. For example, the organisation makes it possible for up to 100 children every year to spend some recuperative after-care time in an institution run by the Peter Maffay Stiftung foundation, where they can get back up on their feet together with other children after the traumatic experience of being involved in a traffic collision. Workshops, baking or cooking together and spending time with various animals are all on offer across 70 hectares of space.