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RepSolutions –
All innovative repair packages in one range

Smart, smarter,

More orders, less time – so it is good to know that innovative repair packages are
available to solve everyday problems. We are renowned for our smart repair solutions,
providing valuable assistance for all workshops. The advantages are clear to see:


lower costs


steady expansion of our product range


Maintaining close contact with customers


less time-consuming


individual steps can be completely eliminated


satisfied customers


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With RepSolutions, we can now offer a whole range of ingenious repair packages, a unique concept which has already become popular with workshops. RepCab repair cable sets make it easy to repair damaged cables in the original harness in doors, tailgates and boot lids, for example. Also on offer are RepCon repair connector sets for the replacement of defective connectors in vehicles (on combination rear lights, glow plugs, sensors and air mass sensors, to name but a few). RepLine repair cables also have a crucial advantage to offer: Ready-crimped repair cables made of flexible silicone make an entire work operation superfluous and save the expense of having to purchase a crimping tool.

Many of the repair kits also come in practical assortment boxes. The great thing about them is: All the parts in the assortment boxes can be re-ordered if required.


RepPipe – Repair kit, washer fluid pipe

The problem? Poor visibility through the windscreen and rear windscreen

Poor visibility impedes road safety. Windscreens and rear windscreens should therefore always be clean, so that they do not adversely affect visibility. But what happens if the washer fluid pipe is faulty? This is accompanied by an additional problem: after all, if water leaks into the engine bay and vehicle interior, it may cause damage to the electrics, among other things.

The cause? Leaking washer fluid pipes

Material perishing and various mechanical and thermal stresses may be among the causes of a leaking washer fluid pipe.

Solution: Quick and easy repair using the RepPipe repair kit

Our RepPipe washer fluid pipe repair kit can be used to quickly and easily mend faulty sections on all washer fluid pipes in passenger cars. It doesn’t matter whether these are corrugated or smooth. Replacement of the entire pipe or patching up with tape or the like is now a thing of the past. RepPipe enables workshops to professionally and permanently repair corrugated pipes with a nominal diameter of 4.5 mm. Connection adapters are also provided for securing defective sections of smooth bore hose with diameters of three and four mm. The kit further includes hose connectors for directly connecting smooth bore hoses. this type of professional connector system has never before been available on the market. The connectors can be detached in multiple ways and can be used without special tools. The kit is designed for all types of corrugated pipes.


RepVac – Repair kit, vacuum line

The problem? Functional fault on a component connected to a vacuum system

Problems with vacuum lines in all types of vehicle are commonplace. Depending on the task of the line in question, engine problems or issues with the central locking etc. may be the result of this.

The cause? A fault in the vacuum hose

Conventional lines made from rubber and hard plastic age naturally due to thermal and mechanical stresses – and pine martens also love biting the material.

Solution: Replace the faulty line with a corrugated pipe

We offer the RepVac repair kit for vehicles with vacuum lines, i.e. motorbikes, passenger cars, trucks, buses, construction and harvesting machinery. The 89-part kit offers ample equipment for many line repairs, with 2.5 m corrugated pipe in a nominal diameter of 4.5 mm and straight and angled cable connecting pieces for connections of 3-4 mm and 5-7 mm. During the repair, the following steps must be observed after removing the faulty negative pressure pipe made from rubber or hard plastic:
Cut off the required length of the corrugated pipe.
Push the corrugated pipe into the required negative pressure connector until a stable connection is created. The required negative pressure connector must be selected depending on the application situation (straight or angled).
After pushing in, the connection must be secured with a spring band clamp or a holding bracket.
Push the other side of the negative pressure connector onto the line in the vehicle, the distributor element or the consumer.


REPDPF – Repair set, pressure line

The problem: the line between the diesel particle filter and the differential pressure sensor is faulty

A faulty line between the diesel particle filter and differential pressure sensor means that the pressure value can no longer be measured correctly and that the particle fi lter no longer functions properly.

The cause: damage to the silicone pressure lines

Three sources of danger cause damage to the connection hoses between the diesel particle fi lter (DPF) and differential pressure sensor (measures the difference in pressure between two absolute pressures): mechanical infl uences (impacts, shocks, vibrations), thermal infl uences (high or low temperatures, moisture) or natural infl uences such as damage caused by pine marten bites.

The solution: RepDPF – replace connection hoses quickly

It doesn’t matter which cause is responsible, the RepDPF repair solution will help you remedy the problem quickly. The special, high-temperature-resistant protective hoses guard the silicone pressure lines against the aforementioned infl uences and are a long-lasting and effective countermeasure. The braided sheathing of the metre-long protective hoses in particular reliably defends the pressure hoses against bites from pine martens, even in the long run. This is accompanied by the fact that the pressure lines and protective hoses themselves have been made with high fl exibility in mind; they can be bent to suit the respective damage scenario. Furthermore, they can be used universally for any vehicle, as the hoses can be easily shortened as required. The enclosed spring band clamps provide professional attachment.


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