All new in May – A new exhibition stand for Herth+Buss

10. May 2019 | Services

As soon as Automechanika ends, it all starts up again with the in-house trade fairs. Most people are familiar with our old exhibition stand – clean, white, neutral. After almost 10 years of service, it was time to trade it in for a new look.

Our mission – What goals were defined for the new stand concept?

There wasn't any doubt about the requirements for the new exhibition stand!

One aim was to ensure a balance between our two ranges: Elparts and Jakoparts. In the past the Jakoparts selection unfortunately only appeared on our exhibition stands very occasionally. The constant dominance of our Elparts range naturally caused confusion among customers. The reason for this was that Elparts products require more explanation. We nonetheless wanted to face up to this challenge head-on without scaling down the possibilities needed for displaying the Elparts range.

One particular problem for the design was that the exhibition stand has to work both on an area of around 60 m2 in size and on a much smaller one of about 24 m2. The larger stand wouldn't of course be complete without the Field Service van.

Another key feature was to be our CI colour. Red was the colour chosen for the new stand … yet another challenge for us: if there's too much red, you’ll soon see red as well!

Idea, research, concept

Following the positive response to our stand at Automechanika 2018, it was clear to us from the outset that we wanted to base our design on industrial styling.


When researching the new look, we came across a construction made of steel that conjured up the idea of two cubes in our minds. We thought these cubes could represent our two ranges under the Herth+Buss umbrella brand while making a visual distinction between Elparts and Jakoparts. We had now chosen our first material for the stand!

For the second one we were thinking of light-coloured wood, as already used for the shelves and in the Lounge area at Automechanika. This allowed us to highlight the sector of Transport and Logistics.

And last but not least, our choice naturally fell on a material that's essential to industrial styling … that's right: concrete!
We'd now decided on our three materials for the stand: black steel for the framework, light-coloured wood for the exhibit walls and concrete for the floor.

To cater for the requirement of "more red", all other surfaces were to feature our corporate colour, i.e. red on the rear and outside walls, as well as the van on the large stand.

The symbolism behind the optics

The overall result of course not only looks great, but is also based on a specific design concept. We'd now like to briefly explain the symbolism behind the stand:
The idea is to put the focus on Herth+Buss as a wholesaler, parts specialist, logistics expert and service-oriented family firm.

Steel: Stability, constancy, reliability, secure anchoring of the Herth+Buss brand in the market.
Concrete: Foundations, a firm footing, warehouse/factory floors.
Wood: Link to Logistics/Transport (pallets, shipping crates, sea freight, etc.). Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this material also gives the stand a congenial feel while contrasting nicely with the steel and concrete.
Red: Our corporate colour, making an impression even at a distance, eye-catching, reinforcing the perception of the brand.


An exhibition stand or pick-and-mix?

Given the wide variation in the size of the stand, the use of a modular system seemed advisable here. This was also the perfect solution for ensuring an equal balance between the two ranges. No sooner said than done! My colleague Aileen and I set about drawing up the plan. We wanted it to be as true to scale as possible so we could then give all details to our agency for initial rendering of the stand. A three-dimensional representation complete with realistic-looking surfaces, the rendering was completed by the agency in just a week. After we had made a couple of adjustments, the exhibition stand was then ready.  At least in theory and as a 3D rendering…


Once the concept had not only won our approval, but also that of our senior and divisional management, it was handed over for realisation by our long-standing partner, stand-builder Löser. Following discussions on site and with the help of test structures and problem solutions, an exhibition stand gradually came into being.

The individual boxes used to display each range (Elparts/Jakoparts) have been designed so they can be extended or reduced by adding or removing modules depending on the size of the stand. The greatest challenges here were ensuring its stability and the lighting.

The Elparts and Jakoparts ranges

To further emphasise the relationship of the parts to each range, we also incorporated the styling of our new advertisements. Anyone looking at the stand from outside is immediately struck by the colour red. The Elparts box features the two dogs – little and large – symbolising the Elparts range! The Jakoparts box is identified by our Sumo wrestler, representing our range for Asian spare parts.


There are various options for presenting each item within the individual sectors. 

We have included exhibit walls in the elements of the boxes. They result in a neat and compact presentation of items within the individual sectors of the ranges. The modular exhibit walls can be exchanged each time according to the fair in question. This means we again have various options for keeping the presentation of our products as versatile as possible. On the outside, image or product graphics are displayed on these walls to further reinforce the perception of the brand. These exhibit walls do away with the need for individual exhibits, which previously always had to be accommodated on the stand in the form of a product area.


Further highlights

Once again we have however also incorporated free-standing exhibits in the stand, for example the ever-popular pyramid in our Elparts box. Jakoparts will likewise have a free-standing exhibit of its own, supporting the stub axle, as already put on show at Automechanika.

We have additionally envisaged product shelving here and also created quite a bit of space for product presentation. This gives you the opportunity to obtain advice from our team with the help of a "hands-on" product display! But we don't want to give everything away now. Our stand has plenty of surprises in store, and no-one likes spoilers, do they?! We can now finish by saying that this was an enormous project, involving many high spots as well as a number of challenges. Despite all the work involved, we're proud of the end result – which is, in our view, pretty impressive.

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We look forward to seeing you there!