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03. Apr 2017 | Services

Dear readers and colleagues,
The time has finally come: our brand new company blog has gone live! It goes without saying that a blog like this doesn’t just spring up from one day to the next and that our Blog and Editorial Team has spent a great deal of time working on it. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the background of our blog.

Why are we making a company blog in the first place?

Herth+Buss is an owner-managed family company – and this concept of “family” is something that we try to live up to. Many of our employees have been part of the Herth+Buss family since their apprenticeships or vocational training. Furthermore lots more joined later on and have since been at the company for a number of years. Those who spend the whole day working together also go through a lot with one another. So why not provide a sneak peek behind the scenes?

We’re not the only ones who benefit from doing this. After all, it also helps us to learn more about our company and colleagues. We also grant our customers and business partners entirely new insights into our day-to-day work and the world of Herth+Buss. At the same time, we are able to tell you much more than we could until now – and you also have the opportunity to get in touch with us directly.

The origins of the Herth+Buss company blog

We’d already discussed the topic of a company blog as early as late 2015, even if just as a rough concept. The idea gradually matured and a Blog Team was founded, but the final green light was only actually given in September 2016. After an initial workshop on the topic, we formed our Editorial Team: naturally, the members of this team continue to work together to this day and prepare new topics and ideas for the blog on a weekly basis. Alongside textual work, technical aspects also had to be realised and tested, of course. The first blog articles appeared at the same time. After all, who wants to start an empty blog? This also explains why some of the blog entries are already a few days behind.

Another important question we had to ask ourselves was whether the Herth+Buss company blog should be given a name. The Blog Team held a brainstorming morning to answer this question, during which many ideas were proposed and developed further. In the end, we all agreed on “drive!”. We think the name is fitting for our industry, carries positive connotations and is dynamic yet succinct. We hope you like it too!

Company Blog Herth+Buss

Volunteers wanted!

It goes without saying that a blog like ours can only thrive with support from a community. This is why we’d welcome support from every colleague in shaping this blog, submitting suggestions and even writing for the blog as a contributor. Dear colleagues, we warmly invite you all to support us.

And we extend an invitation to all of our other readers to comment on our blog posts and share them online. We want to design the blog the way you would like it to be – therefore we welcome any constructive criticism just as much as suggestions for new topics. Aside from this, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Now there’s nothing left but to wish you hours of happy reading with the Herth+Buss company blog. Welcome to drive!