Driving through Austria in the Field Service-mobile

28. Apr 2017 | Services

Hello all,
I want to give you a brief glimpse of my day-to-day work as a Field Service rep at Herth+Buss. I represent our company on my travels around the whole of Germany and neighbouring European countries. It’s a very varied role and there’s always something new and surprising!

No road is too long, no mountain too high, no challenge too great

I was on my way to Austria this week, with Graz as my final destination. This was to be my first time in Austria and I was excited to see how it all turned out. Getting there was the first hurdle, with just under 800 km of ground to cover. Before I started working in the Field Service, anything over 100 km was a long way for me. These days, 800 km is what counts as long-haul. Anything up to 200 km is nothing at all, as my colleagues and I would say! After about nine-and-a-half hours, I had arrived at my breathtakingly beautiful destination in the mountains of Styria.

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Field Service vistits Workshop

After a good night’s sleep, I quickly wolfed down a hearty breakfast to kick things off. My accommodation was in the countryside outside Graz, but my meeting point was in the city itself, meaning I still had to drive a short distance. After a warm welcome and a cup of coffee, we got down to business. The big difference between tours around Germany and Austria is that you can drive long distances here and reach few customers because workshops are so very far apart. The route went as you might imagine – up mountains and down again!

Now and then, I wonder how customers manage to find some of the workshops that I visit (including ones in Germany). On this particular day, we were visiting a very large caravan and camper van dealership that was very, very out of the way. But after touring the whole complex – and judging by the statement of the Field Service rep – this is a very successful workshop, which is really remarkable. The other workshops were also in locations so picturesque that they can give folks like me who hail from densely populated regions a sense of being on holiday. There was a sense that the clocks here tick differently, too. The rest of the week was just as pleasant. I’m already looking forward to returning to Austria at the end of September.

Take care until the next report on our day-to-day work and mammoth journeys!
PT from the Field Service Team