Get to know the Herth+Buss TechTeam!

06. Jan 2017 | Services

Service for our customers has always been one of our traditional strengths. That is why active proximity to our customers and an extensive focus on service form the basis of our business to this day. Around two years ago, we founded our TechTeam in order to continue to keep pace in this area and to deal with the increased number of technical queries.

Wholesalers and workshops are able to contact our TechTeam with their questions. Doing so means they can benefit from the group's expertise. On 1st January 2017, the team welcomed Malte Stäubner into the fold. The team now consists of four employees from Sales, who provide technical support alongside performing their regular tasks. With this troubleshooting for technical questions, we are also expanding the range of services that we offer you. Our colleagues Arthur Günther, Fabio Napolitano, Josip Tomic and Malte Stäubner are looking forward to you contacting them and will be happy to help with specific questions about our products.

TechTeam at Herth+Buss

When and how can the TechTeam be contacted?

You can contact the TechTeam between 8 am and 5 pm CET. Monday to Friday, on +49 (0) 6104 608 250. Depending on your concern, you will be put through to the team if required.

How do the TechTeam qualify for their work?

All members of the TechTeam have technical training and qualify due to their expertise and years of experience in the automotive industry.

Who calls the TechTeam?

Most calls come from workshops. Wholesalers also make active use of the hotline to clarify their own concerns or to support their own customers in turn.

What are the most common questions/topics of the callers?

The workshops often have questions relating to diagnostics and testers. These include, in particular, our Inspector diagnostic device. Also our programming and diagnostic device for the tyre pressure monitoring system, the AirGuard. With these devices, the questions mainly relate to application, operation and updates. In general, most callers ask questions about universal parts from our Elparts range. A terminal diagram has been requested on several occasions. Because Herth+Buss always fits your needs! Even with technical questions about Herth+Buss products and in matters relating to customer service, we are sure to be able to help you.