Holidays – Ready to go!

01. Jun 2017 | Services

Summer is just around the corner yet again! Most of us have already booked our holidays, whether they be in Croatia, Italy or even good old Germany. It’s time to hit the road! Or is it…?

Have you got everything?

You’ve got the kids, the dog and the suitcases. But something is missing, isn’t it? It can’t be your wife; after all, she’s already sitting in the passenger seat and waiting for you to get a move on. So you open the door, walk around the car and open the boot for the umpteenth time. Looks good so far.

You get back in and sit down – your wife and kids are starting to get impatient. Then you hear that most dreaded of questions being shouted out from the back seats for the first time this trip: “Are we nearly there yeeeeet?” Your wife is already huffing and puffing, but doesn’t say a word. You remind yourself that you love them more than anything else – that also goes for the dog, who’s just starting to slobber on the seats in the back.

And we’re off!

You start the car and get going. You’ve succeeded in keeping their spirits up! Now you’re all en route to sunshine and relaxation – an absolute dream. The kids are sleeping in the back and the dog has stopped spreading his drool all over the seats.
You’re the hero of the hour!

But then the inevitable happens: the engine indicator lamp lights up, the car grinds to a halt and – to top it all off – your phone battery decides to give up the ghost. The music that gently lulled the kids to sleep stutters to a stop. They wake up and start grumbling as you notice that the A/C has also packed up. To add insult to injury, your wife starts every new sentence with “I told you so”.

Relaxing holidays – for a change

We’ve compiled a checklist that will help you keep one step ahead of the disasters that lurk around each corner while you’re on holiday – or still on the way there. Using this list, every holiday will be a resounding success. Simply download the holiday checklist here.
This will make sure you’re always the hero of the hour!