Internal training on our SelectH2

25. Jul 2017 | Services

On 13 July it was again time for: "Hello, I'm Jens from Herth+Buss".
At the request of some of our colleagues, our training manager Jens Heun held an internal training session on the SelectH2 (art. 95980006). To avoid disrupting the work of the sales offices, the training was conducted in three groups. It took place in one of our conference rooms.
Jens had prepared everything in advance:
An exhibit for demonstrating the deliberately incorporated leaks, comparable devices of other makes, an inflated balloon and of course a touch of humour... that always goes down well! He is simply unbeatable in this field.

The internal training session started with: The theory of leak detection

He pointed out a lot of advantages to us. For example, he explained that the device is not subject to cross-sensitivity and only reacts to forming gas. Forming gas is made up of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen. The suction pump on the "sniffer" is fitted with two highly sensitive gas sensors that only react to hydrogen. That is the most important difference!
This method is extremely ecological and has the advantage that hydrogen, as the smallest atom, can penetrate even the tiniest leakage points. And so we can localise leaks in no time at all.

After the theory came the practice – the "sniffer" in action!

This was where the balloon, that had been filled with forming gas before the first training group, came into play. At this point the balloon had not yet started to decrease in size. But to show us how small the hydrogen atoms are, Jens held our SelectH2 against its surface. The "sniffer" reacted instantly.
To demonstrate cross-sensitivity, he placed another device in a used oil tank - and sure enough, the device reacted, but our SelectH2 did not!
And to give everybody a laugh, he ended the training session with an art lesson.

On a sheet of white paper, Jens drew us an A/C pipe with a leak. He did so with a felt-tip pen. When he held the rival device against his masterpiece, it reacted to this material as well. Yet further proof of cross-sensitivity!
Finally he also explained the method of working, as we in Sales often lack such practical knowledge.

I learnt a lot from this internal training session and have already been able to help customers as a result. I am sure my colleagues were highly satisfied as well.

And so we would like to say: Thank you very much, Jens!