It’s trade fair time! – PV LIVE! 2017

30. Oct 2017 | Services

“Year after year” is probably the best way to describe our participation in this event. As a member of the office team, I’ve regularly attended this trade fair for many years. I always look forward to this time of year coming around again. PV LIVE! (the in-house trade fair run by PV Automotive) took place in Hannover on the weekend of 14 and 15 October.

Getting there

I travelled to the trade fair on the Friday with my colleague from the Workshop Field Service, Jens Heun. We reached the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover at around 12 noon, where the atmosphere was already bustling and preparations for the trade fair were in full swing. Our own construction team was still busy setting up the Herth+Buss stand. We safely stowed the supplied promotional materials, posters, catalogues and brochures at the stand. At around 3 pm, everything at the stand was finally as it should be and we were able to sign off on it. During a short wander around the trade fair, we also had time to greet a few colleagues from other companies in our industry.

The start of the trade fair

The official start time was 10 am on the Saturday. However, the first interesting conversations with customers had already taken place by then. Now that’s what we call a brisk start! The rest of the day continued in similar fashion and our four-man team was kept very busy for the whole of Saturday. A good atmosphere was guaranteed thanks to Hasan Ustaoglu (who is the team member responsible for PV) and the Workshop Field Service duo comprising Jens Heun and Peter Thilthorpe, who are also known as our "Werkstatt-Buddies"!


PV-Live, trade fair, Field Service, Herth+Buss

Peter Thilthorpe and Jens Heun – our „Werkstatt-Buddies“

PV-Live, trade fair, Field Service, Herth+Buss

Team Herth+Buss

The highlight of the trade fair

We had a surprise visitor to the trade fair stand in the course of the morning. A real highlight, in fact! Swiss racing driver Cyndie Allemann, who is also known for appearing in TV series “Grip”, swung by for an interview with her camera crew. Our man Jens was quizzed about making repairs in accordance with vehicles’ current market value. These interviews were transmitted live on a huge screen. As a result, our stand played host to a great many interesting discussions afterwards on the topic of the interview. There was unbelievably high interest in a number of repair solutions from our cable repair range!

Many customers were only familiar with a small selection of the repair solutions that we offer. The “RepCab” cable harness repair kits for doors and tailgates are well known. This meant that we had the pleasure of introducing customers to the “siblings” in the Rep family, including “RepLine”, “RepPipe” and “RepVac”. As a result, Saturday just flew by.


The Sunday started somewhat more quietly. It’s likely that the evening event attended by most of the workshops and their advisers from PV may have had something to do with this. Everyone still seemed a little dozy as a result. Nevertheless, this second day also kept us on our toes. By the afternoon, the trade fair was starting to wind down and we all returned home after an exhausting weekend, albeit a very successful one. Watch the video here!

To sum up, we had another very enjoyable trade fair in Hanover. We remain true to the motto above: “year after year”