We want to be closer to workshops! – Our Workshop Advisory Board

19. Sep 2018 | Services

On Friday 14 September 2018, the Herth+Buss Workshop Advisory Board convened for the first time at our company headquarters in Heusenstamm. The aim of this long-term project is to help us better understand workshops’ needs. But also to identify problems and develop solutions together. We started with a small group of participants that included some familiar faces.


We gathered in the training room at the site in Heusenstamm for an informal meeting.

What do you need a Workshop Advisory Board for?

From our perspective, it’s first and foremost a question of getting direct, honest feedback from our products’ end users. Apart from that, we want to integrate workshops into the process of product research and development to a greater extent. That would be a win-win situation for all involved! The Workshop Advisory Board is intended to help us improve our products and more effectively identify the needs and requirements of workshops. The way we see it, a regular exchange of ideas and feedback is therefore the key to success. It also gives workshops the opportunity to help develop products which have either been lacking from practical applications until now, or to fine-tune other products. The first meeting was initially supposed to be a meet-and-greet event where we could exchange notes and define expectations on both sides.

The beginnings of the Workshop Advisory Board. First, we got to know one another and discussed our mutual expectations for the project.

Welcome to Herth+Buss

Once representatives of all workshops had found their way to our headquarters, they were warmly greeted by myself and my colleague Florian Heberer. Mr Heberer, the Head of Sales in Germany, introduced the company through a short corporate presentation. He explained our vision in a little more detail and provided an outlook for future projects. The Workshop Advisory Board was just one of these.

A tour with lofty prospects

Later on, participants were able to get a good impression of internal processes at Herth+Buss on a tour of the company premises. It was particularly fascinating for them to see what a vital part Herth+Buss’ logistics play in the grand scheme of things. Florian König, the Team Leader of Incoming Goods, outlined exactly what efficient logistics are all about during a comprehensive tour of the relevant facilities. Among other things, a particular highlight was the new warehouse, which boasts a ceiling height of 16.5 m.

We re-convened after the exhaustive tour. With another presentation, I presented the statutes and our vision of a Workshop Advisory Board in greater depth. The first comments, stimuli and suggestions followed hot on the heels of this. Later that evening, we were able to continue the fruitful discussions over a casual dinner.


Florian König, Team Leader of Incoming Goods, presents the new warehouse, in which the shelves extend up to 14 metres into the rafters.

A trade fair stand to inspire

The next day, participants were greeted at Herth+Buss’ Automechanika trade fair stand by Managing Partner Holger Drewing and Sales and Marketing Manager Michael Schütz. The enthusiasm was plain to see on everyone’s faces! Modern, open, friendly and inviting – that was the unanimous opinion.

My verdict – A successful first meeting

We noticed very quickly that we had chosen the right workshops to participate. The interaction among the group was extremely positive, too. Even the workshop representatives themselves were surprised at how informally colleagues at Herth+Buss deal with other and how effectively the individual departments dovetail. All attendees felt that they had been well received and immediately felt like part of the team. And that’s exactly how it is in reality! I speak for everyone when I say that we’re keenly awaiting the next meeting. It surely won’t be too far off with all the goodwill surrounding the first one!

Personally, I am very much looking forward to it.