The Herth+Buss Test Centre – small but nice!

22. Aug 2017 | Services

Hello everybody,
Today, I would like to introduce you to our innovative test centre.
Our small but nevertheless well equipped test centre is located right next to our Technical Service department. Forming part of Complaints Management, the test centre is run by Arthur Günther and Manfred Richter, both of whom are experts in their field. Arthur Günther is also a member of the Tech Team. As a master motor mechanic he is ideally qualified to perform all the tests required for dealing with complaints, when new additions are made and in the context of quality supervision. He is assisted by Manfred Richter. Amongst other things, they check several units every day as part of the complaint processing procedure.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, these units are checked on dynamometers or dismantled into individual components and subjected to close scrutiny to gain a detailed understanding of the complaint. When dealing with complaints about articles such as clutch kits, miscellaneous brake parts or sensors and actuators, including TPM sensors, our colleagues do their best to reconstruct the cases and draw conclusions on the basis of the damage reported and with the help of all sorts of measurement and test equipment.

Everything from a single source…

Since May 2013, the Test Centre has been equipped with a special test bench for power plants. Using this, we are able to really put the starter motors through their paces. We now have the option of compiling diagrams and inspection reports for our customers in the course of warranty work. This allows both parties to work more reliably and with greater trust. External inspections can be omitted entirely with this expansion. Above all, however, this service enables us to speed up the processing of complaints made under warranty.

Our high quality standards in the Test Centre

In line with our high quality standards, it hasn’t just been power plants that have been subject to inspection since the Test Centre was founded in March 2011. Our two colleagues Arthur Günther and Manfred Richter also collaborate very closely with our Product Management department. We test all items at the level of the various product groups in the Test Centre. We also have potential new additions provisionally tested by our colleagues. The comprehensive expertise possessed by Mr Günther has enabled the quality of the products within the different groups to be substantially improved, while the many different findings give us the opportunity to provide our suppliers with feedback. In turn, they are then able to tweak the products concerned and continue to improve their own quality.

The Test Centre is a definite, demonstrable asset to us. Above all, however, it’s our customers who benefit from faster claims processing.

Ciao for now,
Fabio Napolitano