The Herth+Buss Werkstatt-Buddies

01. Mar 2018 | Services

These affable technical specialists are always entertaining whenever and wherever they crop up – like a regular Laurel and Hardy! And they are one thing above all else: experts in their field! For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, allow me to present our Werkstatt-Buddies – Jens and Pete!

Jens Heun

You should already be very familiar with Jens from his starring role in our one-minute clips, as Herth+Buss’ training hero and as a vital member of the Workshop Field Service team. He’s been working in the Field Service since 2005; long enough to help set it up in the first place. That makes him a true Herth+Buss original! 

Jens started in Product Management at Herth+Buss way back in 2002. This is where he built up his encyclopaedic product knowledge. After first qualifying as a vehicle mechanic, then as a vehicle expert and finally as a technical business manager, he eventually made the switch to Sales. Once there, he started to help build up our Workshop Field Service from scratch in 2005. Since then, our Workshop Field Service has been coming along nicely, with Jens now frequently hitting the road to visit you along with his three other colleagues!

Our continuous product range expansions combine with our first-to-market promise to result in a constantly changing range of training courses – not forgetting training requirements, of course. Jens has been the Training Manager at Herth+Buss since 2008 for this very reason. In this role, he provides you with on-site support by holding product range presentations, product training sessions or even by developing tailor-made promotions to boost sales.

Our entertaining technical twosome ultimately came into being when our boy PT pursued a new challenge in his career around two years ago!

Peter Thilthorpe

Peter is known simply as “PT” by the rest of us. The “r” is dropped to make his name sound more laid-back – which is exactly how you would describe him! At the same time, this solved the problem we had pronouncing his surname, which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. The trained vehicle expert has been working hard to support our Workshop Field Service Team since 2016: these days, he frequently hits the road to visit you in our Field Service van!

PT found his way to Herth+Buss as a trained mechatronics engineer. He first started in the Research+Development Department back in 2014. He was then presented with a new career opportunity in April 2016, and he’s been a firm fixture of our Workshop Field Service Team since then. PT has a convincing manner, although this doesn’t prevent him from being fun and engaging at the same time – which is very important!
He’s mainly available to assist you on the move: he can accompany your own field staff and provide your customers with support from one expert to another. What’s more, you also have the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with our various assortments up close and in person at any time thanks to the practice-based product demonstrations we offer with the Herth+Buss Field Service van.

The Werkstatt-Buddies are always up for a laugh!

The Werkstatt-Buddies: a dream duo sent from technical heaven

Together, our Werkstatt-Buddies are an experienced, expert team!
Since November of last year, they’ve also ramped up their presence on Facebook. This allows us to create an additional service channel that we can use to pass technical tips and tricks, step-by-step instructions and product explanations on to you with ease. There will inevitably be questions about our products that remain to be answered. Our workshop buddies are there to answer such questions and give you that “eureka” moment.

And if you require any further explanation, don’t be too timid to tell us! After all, it’s our aim to create interesting content for all of our followers on Facebook, including you. You can see for yourselves – it’s always worth paying a visit to our Facebook page.

We’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions there. And if these are directed at our workshop buddies themselves, we’ll be sure to pass them along without delay.

Just one quick announcement to round things off:
It goes without saying that you can experience this pair of live wires up close and in colour, too. You can look forward to seeing them at Automechanika 2018. Why not go and have a chat, they don’t bite! Feel like stopping by our stand to say hello? We look forward to it!

Greetings from the Marketing Department,