The Matthies trade fair “TransTech 2017”

16. Jun 2017 | Services

This year, we once again headed to Hamburg for the Matthies trade fair! Bright and early at 6:45 am on Tuesday, I picked my colleague Hasan Ustaoglu up from home and we set off for the north of Germany. Hasan works in our company as an Area Manager. We also took the opportunity to visit other premium customers on our business trip. On this occasion, I was able to get to know the many business partners who I otherwise only have contact with over the phone. My colleague Hasan visits the customers regularly and has built up a very good relationship with them over time. After some brief small talk about personal and business matters, we presented our new and innovative products.

Onwards to the Matthies trade fair

We continued heading north until we had eventually taken up residence at our stand in the hall of the exhibition centre in Hamburg on Thursday afternoon. This stand is kitted out with the greatest care by the stand builder – and to our exact specifications. Our stand was in capable hands this time around.

Alongside Hasan, who was responsible for the entire course of events at the trade fair, our Training Manager Jens Heun was in attendance, as was Peter Hermann from the Workshop Field Service. We were ideally equipped! Our Sales Manager, Michael Schütz, was also present on the Friday and had many discussions throughout this time. This enabled us to offer all of our visitors the very best advice.

Many renowned manufacturers are represented at the Matthies trade fair. The event is highly informative; many individual stands are present for this reason. These stands host presentations on a vast range of topics at regular intervals. These were always fully booked! Matthies is among the largest wholesalers of motorcycle parts in Europe and enjoys an excellent footing in this segment.


Hasan had a great idea for our trade fair highlight! Chris Marks joined us at our stand for 3 days. Chris is several times German, European and World Champion of table football. He proved to be invincible – whether for visitors, branch managers, product managers, apprentices, fellow exhibitors or even Martin Matthies and his son! Consolation prizes were provided in the form of an autographed card from Chris, who plays for Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga and is on the road a lot as a result.
It’s probably just as well that Chris was such a tough nut to crack! Anyone who’d managed to beat him would have won our Inspector device. However, we were pretty certain that Chris couldn’t be toppled.


We had a great many productive discussions with product managers, field service representatives and managing directors. In the process, these people also had the opportunity to inform themselves about products, inspect them and evaluate them in person. After 3 exhausting days, it was time to travel home. There’s a lot to deal with once a trade fair is over, too: going over notes from meetings, sending catalogues and much more. It was a great trade fair overall, spent with great people. But I have to say that I’m glad to be home in the warmth of my family’s embrace again.