The new WAD buses have arrived!

18. Feb 2019 | Services

All good things come to an end...and well-deservedly so!
After a period of over five years it was about time to replace our trusty WAD buses, known to all. At the end of a long delivery period we took receipt of the first two brand-new Volkswagen T6 Transporter vans!

The preparations

We took advantage of the long delivery time to nail down the details with the project team, made up of the four WADs, the WAD coordinator and the Sales Manager Germany. We were also assisted by the Marketing department, above all with the design of the subsequent vehicle wrap.

One thing was clear from the start: We wanted the long version of the Volkswagen T6 Transporter! The benefit: The compact size and level of ride comfort are similar to those of a passenger car. If you consider that we have one of these vehicles on our stand at all major trade fairs to show almost everything to the garages, size is an important factor. Particularly given that our assortment is constantly expanding, and we've got more and more to put on display! In view of the high mileage, comfort should be a consideration too.

When it came to planning the interior, it was naturally necessary to think what we wanted to present and how this could be best achieved.
Our vehicle manufacturer has already built a number of show cars for us in the past, and it was soon clear that he'd be our choice to build the three new ones as well. Given the proximity to his plant, I've been looking after the conversion work on site.

So what's new?

You may wonder why new WAD buses are even needed? They're almost identical to the existing ones! But that's not entirely true. On the outside the vehicles may look as if not much has changed, but we have thought up a whole load of new things for the interior. This way we can set off our products to even better effect and make optimum use of the space for presentation to the customer. The interior not only contains screens, but also all kinds of lights for customers to try out. A whole load of products and equipment that have to find their own space in the clearly arranged interior of the van. You can now look forward to seeing what'll be hitting the road shortly! 

The current status is follows: One bus is already with the vehicle manufacturer and one at the paint shop. Work is going on here in parallel.

The first bus is currently at the paint shop and will soon shine!

The bus at the vehicle manufacturer's works is undergoing a full fit-out. Current vehicle is serving as a reference sample and all parts are being manufactured in triplicate. Sun roofs are installed and the fit-out is still at the "body shell" stage. All necessary materials are on site and work is moving towards completion in leaps and bounds. When this has taken place, the bus will be swapped over and the one that has already been painted will be converted and the other one taken to the paint shop.


The third bus is on order and will be tackled immediately afterwards.
The first impression is already extremely positive and our WAD bus is set to be a real star!

You won't be disappointed when you see what's new about it.