Presenting the new Workshop Field Service van!

22. May 2019 | Services

The first of a total of four vans has arrived! It’s already wearing its snazzy summer treads (size 18”) and can already be seen hitting the road in Germany.

On its maiden voyage to the trade fair, it was accompanied by its new daddy, P.T.! Once in Stuttgart, we could unveil our new van to the wider public for the first time. Just as we’d hoped, the reception was wonderful! We got all kinds of positive feedback, ranging from “very well built” and “interesting products” to “great presentation”. It goes without saying that this gives me great pride after leading this project.

The visitors to our trade fair stand – which was also new – stood open-mouthed in amazement. Our new baby, the Workshop Field Service van seems to put a smile on everyone’s face!

The same goes for our smallest visitors. Among other things, you can see this when they fiddle with the van’s switches, causing all the bulbs mounted on the inside of the rear doors to light up. Making their eyes light up, too, is its own reward for all the hard work.


On the fair our new Show Car was examined exactly.

The show vehicles were built by Workshop Advisory Board member and vehicle manufacturer Daniel Urban and his team: they are sturdy and innovative, not to mention visually striking.
We left it to another member of our Workshop Advisory Board to fit out the van with its snazzy new treads: Sascha Hölzinger from Hubba’s Kfz Service.

What about the Workshop Field Service van has actually changed?

Firstly, we have changed the decals on the outside. Our sumo (representing the Jakoparts range) and the two dogs (for Elparts) now adorn the vehicle in a different constellation. This makes them stand out even more! In addition, we have installed foot boards with lighting in order to grant workshops easier access to the van. The front of the bus is now even more striking thanks to the chrome-plated bracket. Naturally, this comes with the appropriate permit and has been tested for pedestrian safety.

However, as is so often the case with a facelift, most of the changes take place on the inside! Just like our slick new trade fair stands, the vehicle is now equipped with an interior screen that we can use to access all current sales documentation online.

With regard to lighting, we can now swap worklights and rotating beacons in and out and even demonstrate these on a telescopic bar, enabling us to show off the lighting performance at the appropriate height to our friends with commercial and agricultural vehicles. This definitely makes our job easier.

Keeping pace with the times

With today’s fast pace of life, you need to be flexible. Our vans are truly alive! If there is something new, then it will also be on display – and close enough to touch. That’s precisely why the biggest challenge was thinking about how to be able to change things quickly and position them in just the right spot. It has become much more important to change products in and out, so we made the side panels easier to dismantle. Why not take a look for yourselves – visit one of the many trade fairs we attend to see and hear more about what the vans can do. Once again, collaborating with the professionals has proven to be a resounding success. If everyone contributes their own ideas, you’ll end up with a fantastic show vehicle at the end of the process.

Our very own P.T. was the first lucky so-and-so to get his new Workshop Field Service van. Around July, Peter will be next in line, while Michael’s van is due to be delivered sometime at the end of the year. In advance of this, we’ve also compiled some notes that will enable us to tweak and improve one or two things about the design.

P.T. is definitely delighted, and all of us in the Herth+Buss team are looking forward to providing workshops with even better service.