The perfect visit to the drive-in cinema

05. Sep 2018 | Services

What started in the 1930s in the USA really began to pick up speed in the 50s. Of course, we’re talking about the epitome of cult, retro entertainment: the drive-in cinema.

Although they were frowned upon by buttoned-up American parents at the time, the “ozoners” were popular among young people and sweethearts, who would drive to the back row – known as the “love lane” – and enjoy some quality time together. However, drive-in cinemas weren’t just popular among the young. They were also the #1 excursion for families with kids.

In their heyday during the 1960s and 70s, the trend then made it across the pond and started to enjoy popularity in Europe. The first German drive-in cinema opened its gates in 1960 in Gravenbruch (near Frankfurt), where it remains to this day.

Even then, numerous visitors enjoyed the drive-in cinema. 

The appeals of the drive-in cinema are clear:

  • Nobody disturbs you
  • Nobody blocks your view
  • No unpleasant odours from the seats next to you
  • No annoying chit-chat to interrupt the film

The drive-in cinema hasn’t had its day just yet. During the summer months, many patrons still enjoy spending an evening watching a film from the comfort of their own cars. Once the sun starts to set and you’ve tuned into the right FM frequency, the curtain can go up.

This small hitch can make a nightmare out of a drive-in cinema

The problem is a familiar one: the radio is running the whole time and permanently depleting the car battery. For new vehicles, this surely doesn’t pose much of a problem. However, there are also cars with a few more miles under their belts or with less beef under the bonnet, especially in winter! In these cases, the battery can quickly start to struggle, meaning that the car will fail to start soon after. We have just the right solution to ensure that a pleasant evening at the flicks doesn’t turn into a hair-raising horror show. Our start aid device, the Reanimator Surge, is equipped with an energy accumulator in the form of a condenser. This enables the required power to be absorbed from the engine in the blink of an eye before the full force of it is released again. The device is network-independent, charges the battery rapidly and is strictly maintenance-free.

Such impressive features make it an absolute must-have for sensible drive-in cinema patrons. You can view the product in the online catalogue here.

Making your evening a perfect one

All the essentials for a visit to the drive-in cinema at a glance:

  • Blanket, pillows
  • Snacks and drinks
    (However, most drive-in cinemas also have a snack bar)
  • Reanimator Surge, start aid device
  • Heater fan (for the cold months)

Now you’re ideally equipped for your next visit to the drive-in cinema and have nothing left to fear from unwanted problems when starting the car.

Enjoy your time at the movies!