Training courses at Herth+Buss – an interview with Werkstatt-Buddy and trainer, Jens

16. Jan 2018 | Services

Jens Heun travels all over Germany as a trainer for Herth+Buss. He gives tips and professional tricks for everyday workshop activities using clear terminology in a relatable fashion. This means that lots of our customers know him because of his training courses. And for all of you that haven't got to know him yet, we have conducted an interview.

Niklas: Hi Jens, nice to see you again between all your appointments. I know you're not a guy who likes needless chit-chat, so let's get down to business – why do you do the job you do now?

Jens: Because I can't do anything else! No, all jokes aside – honestly speaking, I have been interested in vehicles since I was little. That's why I chose a career in this industry. I started by training as an automotive mechanic and since then I have continuously undergone further training in this area. My fascination for vehicles and the constant technical changes in the market mean that continuous further training in this area is needed nowadays. Anyone who knows me will also know that I need direct contact with people, and the mechanic geeks in particular ensure that I look forward to every individual training session.

Niklas: How many kilometres do you estimate that you travel a year and what German Federal State do you visit the most?

Jens: I can quite easily get up to six figures in kilometres. And I travel to every Federal State. There's no north-south or east-west divide for me. Sometimes it's a pity that the area I visit the least for business is the area near where I live in Main-Kinzig-Kreis. It's not that bad for me though because I get to see lots of other beautiful areas in Germany.


Jens travels all over Germany with his training bus.

Niklas: What training courses does Herth+Buss offer and what is planned for the future?

Jens: Herth+Buss has now been around for 93 years. At first we dealt only with the topic of electronics. The focus of our training courses is currently also on this topic. We provide them for various vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural engineering. Aviation is the only thing we don't cover. In the near future we will design our training courses to be even more practice-oriented. Furthermore, we would like to provide more training courses in the spare parts area. With our comprehensive range, Jakoparts, we are optimally equipped to do so.

Niklas: What added value do the training courses provide to our customers?

Jens: To give you a few catchwords, they deal with reduced workloads, repair in line with current vehicle values, thorough knowledge and safety. Only those who know everything the market has to offer and how to use something correctly can provide their customers with the best possible service. Training doesn't mean criticising and instructing a workshop, but it rather deals with providing the workshop with arguments to best aid their customers in their daily work.



Jens is happy to help with questions or problems.

Niklas: Where can our customers find additional information about the range of training courses from Herth+Buss?

Jens: You can find all the information about our training courses and travel on our homepage. Our training brochure contains all the important information on this subject, and is also available on our homepage as a download. There is also the option to contact the relevant area managers at any time, or, of course, enquire directly to Herth+Buss using the e-mail address

Niklas: How can someone organise a training appointment with you?

Jens: Our area managers deal with the request and pass it on to our sales support team. They then deal with all additional issues and contact the customer.


Jens: Service is a topic that we have been expanding a lot in the last few years. We started revisiting workshops over 12 years ago. It was just a trial at that point in time. There are four of us now!
The workshop field service agents travel to the workshops with our trade partners to present new products and solutions. We can also travel and accompany our customers’ field service agents on their trips. Together we present new products, discuss sales campaigns and help to find the right solution. Furthermore, we set up a technology hotline for our products a while ago. Customers or workshops can ring our sales number directly here and ask our tech team questions. We have an answer to every question!


Jens: It was funny and annoying at the same time. Fun is an important part of every training course. It’s the most fun when the participants take part as well. They often start to test how far they can push me. Almost like in school! But it’s not as easy with me as they might all think at the start. There was once a participant that told me at lunch that I looked like I had a healthy appetite. I thought – it’s going to be a funny evening! His real mistake was to say this before the training session had started. He was my personal friend that evening and I had lots of chats with him. After the training session he came and said that it was the best training session that he had ever taken part in. We’re still in contact today.

Niklas: This participant will certainly remember you for a long time – I’m sure of it! Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to me and I hope you continue to have a pleasant and exciting time as a trainer.