Training session at Martika Car Parts

24. Jan 2017 | Services

Many people not only know me from a Herth+Buss training session, but also recognise my face from our YouTube clips: “Hi, I’m Jens from Herth+Buss!”. As a Training Instructor, I’m often out and about! Regular product training courses are an everyday occurrence for me. This was also the case on 24th January this year, when I held my popular electronics training course at the firm Martika.

Martika is a family company which was recently acquired by the Lorch Group. In doing so, Mr Lothar Riedel passed his life’s work onto a reliable partner so as to ensure that the firm’s employees and customers would continue to be well cared for after his departure. In my view, Mr Riedel is one of the most innovative brains in the industry: he always knew just what his workshops needed and how to reach out to them.

The training

73 people participated in the training course at Martika. The Sales Manager and Area Sales Manager from Lorch were also in attendance. Although they had only wanted to briefly listen in, they ended up staying for the entire duration of the session and beyond! My colleague Ralph Füll also took part in the training. He’s commercially responsible for that customer. I’m always delighted when Area Managers find the time to participate in my training courses. A total of 65 seats were available – any extra participants had to make do with a standing place. Some of them could see the presentation. But I wasn’t able to see all participants because they were standing in the aisles.

 The training session covered the range of electronic products at Herth+Buss.

The training sessions are always structured around technical topics. A lot of questions were asked, which shows me time and time again that there is still a great deal of potential. The training session was a resounding success! Everyone was satisfied. We’ve already received e-mails that more than underline this fact. It was a great day – workshops who are impressed by our company are also grateful. Just another successful training course for Herth+Buss.

Training session Martika Backnang 2017