What’s in my Field Service van?

15. Feb 2018 | Services

As a Werkstatt-Buddy and a member of the four-strong Workshop Field Service team, I’m often on the road all over Germany and half of Europe. While on my travels, I present our varied product range to our customers. Our Field Service vans are always a talking point wherever we go. There’s more to them than meets the eye from the outside: it’s what’s inside that counts! This goes some way to explaining the total laden weight of around three tonnes. We drive a whole host of products around with us on a daily basis. Why? Because our miniature, mobile “trade fair stands” enable us to present products “live” to our customers. Exchanging knowledge is a huge help to us when developing our products further. We act as a kind of middleman between wholesalers and workshops. 

What do the three tonnes of Field Service van really consist of?

Anyone who’s visited us at one of our in-house exhibitions will probably have a fairly good idea of what we take along on our daily trips. And for those who aren’t in the know, this blog post ought to shed a little light on the matter. As a rule, we only take Elparts products with us, as these require the most explanation. However, it’s not easy to present 9,000 specialist parts in a van the size of the VW T5. For this reason, we have one or more representative items from every product group with us. Whether crimping pliers, switches, inverters, assortment boxes or work lights. Every single part has its right place in our Field Service van. Among other things, this enables us to have interior equipment custom-made by our vehicle manufacturer.

It’s pleasing to see that our customers always notice new products that they didn’t yet know about. An example is our new Micro 2 and Micro 3 fuses, or our AirClean system for A/C disinfection. Our Rep range is also interesting and in high demand: we’ve launched a number of ingenious and handy repair solutions onto the market under this brand. To name one example, our RepCab products are used to repair faulty cables in the original harness around doors, tailgates and boot lids. The cable repair sets are pre-assembled and ready for immediate installation. I’m always happy to refer customers to our Online Catalogue in cases like this. The right vehicle-specific Rep set can be easily found in the catalogue using the item’s code number. This usually throws up a lot of questions – and often great discussions that can go on forever. But that’s exactly what we’re there for!

Every part has its right place in our Field Service vans

Items on hand from every product group

Our crimping pliers make up another very popular range. In an initial step, I usually explain how to work on contacts correctly before presenting our installation portfolio to customers. I also have a lot of crimping pliers in my van, so customers are welcome to pick up one of our tools and try their hand at crimping. Many of them are impressed at just how easily the crimping inserts of the CrimPro 10 can be changed without the need for further tools. Our installation portfolio comprises a lot more than just crimping pliers and contacts. I usually give our customers a copy of our current installation catalogue. It really does provide an answer to every question on this topic.

The assortment of lighting products from the Elparts range that we have installed on the van’s rear doors also turns a few heads. The lights can be switched on using individual switches. We always enjoy seeing how trade fair visitors in particular are tempted to flick the switches and try out the functions of our warning lights, worklights, combination rearlights, side marker lights or outline lights for themselves.

You can try out our lights for yourselves here!

I hope I succeeded in giving you a better idea of the products we have with us when doing the daily rounds in our mobile “toolbox”. Throughout Germany and neighbouring European countries, you’ll most likely find us at in-house exhibitions and presentations, in addition to accompanying our clients to their own appointments. If I’ve piqued your interest, or if you happen to see our Field Service van at a trade fair, why not swing by and have a look around for yourselves!