Our BDS-2 clearance light is revealed to the world

22. Feb 2018 | Technology + Products

Here at Herth+Buss, we’re always looking for new and innovative products. When doing so, it goes without saying that our customers’ added value is the most important consideration.

This was also true for the latest addition to the Herth+Buss family – the BDS-2 clearance light (article no. 82710470 and 82710490). This has been a firm feature of our product range since last year. However, it’s a long road to reach a finished product. Our product managers accompany their protégés from the initial idea right through to our warehouse. 

What makes our clearance light BDS-2 special

One of our newbies is the BDS-2, an LED clearance light for commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. As the name suggests, this is a clearance light: in other words, a light that clearly indicates the width and circumference of the vehicle (refer to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, “StVZO”). We have been planning its market launch for quite some time already. The special thing about this particular clearance light is that it incorporates a reversing sensor. This sensor is automatically activated as soon as reverse gear is engaged. Our system can already detect obstacles from a distance of 4.5 metres, enabling it to provide HGV drivers with visual assistance when parking. If the sensor detects an obstacle, it provides the driver with a visual signal by flashing the white LED lens. Three different flashing frequencies are employed to signal the decreasing distance to the obstacle. The vehicle driver can then see the flashing signal using the wing mirrors. However, the BDS-2 does not replace acoustic reversing alarms, as these are required by law. Nonetheless, the clearance light represents an ideal additional aid for reversing manoeuvres.

What does the light look like?

We’ve put together a video in cooperation with our partners Star Square Productions and German haulage company Duwensee, which is also based here in our home town of Heusenstamm. The video provides you with a handy overview of the clearance light functions that we mentioned above.


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How it all began

We usually make initial contact with our suppliers at trade fairs and exhibitions. That was also true in this case. Next up on the agenda is a visit to the respective company to get to know the supplier better and intensify our contact with them. We safeguard the quality of our products by conducting supplier audits. The quality standards of the German market are very high. All the more reason to conduct a variety of installation tests and gather technical feedback to get each new product up to scratch prior to its launch. A range of such installation tests are conducted in the next step, during which we test how the clearance light performs in different scenarios. These may include the following examples: How does the light perform when the HGV in question has a truck-mounted forklift? At what angle does the light need to be mounted to ensure that there are no blind spots? How high does the brightness level need to be to make sure that the flashing signal is still visible when it is very sunny?

Our clearance light: the star of our video shoot with Star Square Productions

Cooperation with the supplier

So, we’ve become better acquainted... what next? Supervising certain technical matters is among the most important tasks when launching a new product onto the market. Yet the commercial side of things deserves a mention too: negotiating prices, conditions of delivery and payment, and much more besides. These are accompanied by further product-specific negotiations such as special packaging or general market cultivation. While all of this is ongoing, communication primarily takes place by e-mail according to a tight schedule: time differences usually don’t allow any other option. For certain products, such as our BDS-2 clearance light or the AirClean system, a market launch involves another visit to the supplier’s premises, where we inspect the production facilities. We are then able to clarify any outstanding matters, questions and comments face-to-face with the supplier while we’re on site.

Now you know everything there is to know about such market launches. Hopefully you have a better idea of the steps that we need to work through beforehand, too. We hope you’re just as excited by our BDS-2 as we are.

Do you still have questions? No problem, feel free to write to us!