Brake service: safety first!

05. Jun 2019 | Technology + Products

Getting from 100 down to 0 needs to be quicker than going from 0 to 100!
The brake system is extremely complex. Nowadays, ever more brake components need to be checked and tested in order to keep driving as safe as possible. Correct brake servicing is absolutely crucial for this purpose.

We find ideal solutions for our customers – whatever their problems might be.
When doing so, we need to keep the following points in mind, among others:

  • Which tasks/processes would it make sense to improve?
  • Can the tools in question be used universally?
  • Is the design of the tools and the packaging clever, robust and compact?
  • Can our customer offer his own customer a time advantage thanks to this tool? This point is especially important: after all, everyone is short on time these days.

When it comes to the points above, we always try to gather suggestions and ideas from our customers’ day-to-day workshop experience and take them into account when developing new products. The following tools ought to be included in a thorough brake service:

Fill/bleed unit (J9300001:

This device is absolutely indispensable for a scheduled service. It is also used for bleeding the hydraulic system and refilling it with fresh brake fluid after replacing various components in the brake system or clutch system.
To do so, our fill/bleed unit does not require any electrical or compressed-air connection, which makes mobile use possible.
You can find step-by-step instructions here.


Pliers for brake spring washers (J9350000):

These pliers ensure a secure grip on the outside of the spring cap, meaning you will no longer have to fumble with needle-nosed pliers or any other tools that are not actually intended for this application.


Stopper set, hose/pipeline (J9300000): 

Using these special pliers, we avoid the significant mess caused during replacement of the brake lines or brake callipers by simply sealing the line using the pliers.This prevents any fluid from leaking out of the open line. In addition, this stops the hydraulic circuits from “running dry”, which would involve a great deal of effort to bleed the ABS control unit and/or the ABS hydraulic unit.


Reversible-ratchet set (J9300003):

The central opening in the ratchet and the sockets is what makes this set so special: the bleeding hose is guided through this opening, which also prevents it from sliding off. In other words, there are no longer any issues with space, even when the wheel is installed. This also makes the irritation of fixing and turning a spanner on the bleed nipple a thing of the past.


Turn/reset tool, brake calliper piston (J9321000):

The reset tool is a tool for all rear-axle brake callipers that feature handbrake actuation. These brake pistons not only need to be pushed back, but also turned at the same time. The compact design of our set of reset tools is what makes it so special: we are able to cover a very wide range of applications with two individually adjustable adapters.


Vernier calliper, brake disc thickness (J9330000)

You know that feeling when you have to tell the customer that their brake discs need replacing together with the brake pads? This is not a problem with our vernier calliper: it has been especially designed for this task and means that the wheels no longer need to be removed.


You can find even more information about brakes and brake service here.